With the following:


SF Flat Rate Sewer Base

Charge for having sewer service available to your property

FRW Flat Rate Water Base

Charge for having water service available to your property

WA Water Base

Basic charge for water service

SW Base Charge

Basic charge for sewer service

WA Water Charge

Charge for Water used

SW Sewer Charge

Charge for Sewage collected



Remittance Address - Where to send your payment.
Payment Coupon - Please tear off this portion and return it with your payment to EWD at the address shown. If you are an Auto Pay customer, retain this bill for your records.
Due Dates - Information about our Late fee processes. The current due of this bill applies to current charges only. Late fees will accrue if not paid by due date.
Memo regarding Past Due charges if applicable to the account. Please note the due date for Past Due charges. NO SECOND NOTICE WILL BE SENT.
Historical Usage - Graph shows your usage over the previous 12 months.
Total Amount Due - Shows all fees due on account.
New Charges - Shows current charges for water and wastewater service.
Meter Inforamtion - This section includes the meter number, service period, previous & current read date, previous & current meter readings, Meter Multiplier (EWD has different types of meters with different technology in place - If you have a 1, the meter is a manual read meter. If you have a 10 or higher, you have our new drive-by meter technology) and the calculated usage.
Account Activitiy - This area shows your previous balance, payment or adjustment(s) made to the account since the last bill.
Special Message Area for important news regarding EWD or your service.
Customer Name, Service Address, Account Number & Date bill created.