JULY 16, 2009 Minutes

JULY 16, 2009 @ 8:30 a.m.

Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair
Paul Manke, Vice-Chair
Taylor Meals
Sydney Crampton
Phyllis Wright

Richard L. Rollo, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Attorney
Maureen Cronk, Administrative Assistant

1. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.

2. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Ralph Smith presentation delayed to next meeting.



5. CONSENT SECTION – Chair Samuels asked for comments, objections and/or corrections to the consent section. Hearing none,

Mr. Manke moved, ”to accept the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 18, 2009 and the Attorney’s invoice dated July 2, 2009 as presented” seconded by Mr. Meals

a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting June 18, 2009 09-07-16 CS A
b) Attorney’s Invoice dated July 2, 2009 09-07-16 CS B

a) Auditor Selection Committee – Ms. Zoeller presented the item. FY ’08 concluded the contract with the current auditing firm. A committee is needed to publish an RFP (Request for Proposals) and follow the process in selection of an auditing firm for the next several years. In response to Chair Samuels’ request for a volunteer, Mr. Manke was appointed to the Committee. Ms. Zoeller will send a meeting schedule. Committee will consist of Sonia Zoeller, Susan Franklin and Paul Manke.

a) Draft Budget Summary – Using the draft document, Ms. Zoeller pointed out that the proposed budget is ‘flat’; an overall .062% reduction in expenses and a 2.63% decrease in revenue (after a 4% base charge increase (is anticipated. If we don’t increase by the 4% we would have a negative bottom line.

Not included is the meter replacement program; the Charlotte County Utilities bulk wastewater treatment agreement; or the 1% sales tax ($138,000) from Sarasota County. Mr. Ray noted several projects that will be included in maintenance; membranes for two trains at the R/O, a filter that must be rebuilt at the LS WTP, and the elevated tank painting are the most significant items we anticipate.

We have included a 10% increase for FPL, the only major increase at this time. Chair Samuels commented that many of the local utilities have increased or will increase their rates substantially just to keep up with current loss of revenue. We’re fortunate that we’ve been conservative, and we’re still able to keep our revenues slightly ahead of expenses, with just the small base charge increase.

Mr. Rollo emphasized this is a draft and will likely have some changes by the actual presentation. We still have 1 vacant (unfunded) position and had no turn-over last year. If people are lost through attrition in the future we’ll review to see if the position is essential or can be left vacant.

Mr. Rollo pointed out that the $1.8M in the Capital Budget is V9A alone. Only $235,000 in reserves is available to apply to capital programs. The decision is do we have a CIP or take from Reserves. Using reserves for the CIP would bring us to less than $1M over the $7.5M we are required to keep according to our loans.

Three weeks from today we’ll bring up the V9A sewer program again. CIP is in limbo at this point. We have 2 August meetings to talk about the budget; capital/operating and then finalize or further adjust.

Ms. Wright questioned a recent newspaper article about grant money that Charlotte County is looking to access; not from the stimulus. Mr. Rollo explained how Mr. Linden has been to several seminars regarding the stimulus funding and USDA grant funding; we didn’t qualify. Understand that stimulus money has been given to the State Revolving Fund, which are loans at low interest.

b) 4-day Workweek; Office Hours – Ms. Zoeller request to continue the 4-day week (for office personnel) until the end of the year, to gather additional data. We don’t know how the winter residents will react but if there is a problem we can stop at any point. We kept records of Monday calls and in May there were 10 and in June 20. Every call was addressed by call out personnel. Our level of service has not diminished.

Mr. Rollo added that this is an opportunity to gather data rather than anticipate what may not be. We can terminate at any time if there are problems for the customers with the schedule. We can place a questionnaire in the lobby for customers who do come into the office and on the website for those who may be out of town now, and pay on line.

During discussion it was noted that the office closure savings for EWD is minimal, but it does seem to cut down on paid time-off in that ‘errands’ can be accomplished on Mondays. It’s more an employee benefit in the office. The savings in the field is substantial, and productivity is up. Ms. Franklin explained that we have already adjusted due-dates etc. to accommodate continuing the schedule.

Mr. Rollo summed up saying we want to gather information, with the understanding that at any time we can go back to 5-days. Customer service comes first. Don’t need a motion; unless you object we will continue, gathering data daily/weekly/monthly.

1) Wayne Kershanick, Distribution Foreman
Replacing galvanized mains in the Yale Street, Chapin Blvd. area. New hydrants in the area just north of Dearborn and West of Old Englewood Road.
New piping installed to Oyster Creek reuse meter, and installing pressure reducing valves on Stillwater’s and Oak Forest reclaimed water lines.
New meters still being installed when we have funds.
Maintenance of hydrants and valves continues; replacing several old 2” valves, mainly on the beach.
Couple of night jobs coming up on Beach Road (replace 6” valve) and on River Road where the contractor failed to install one.
2) GIS & GPS down to water only (biggest and oldest) maybe another year and it’s done. We now have really good maps for the collection system. It will be awesome.
3) R/O Expansion maybe complete by the end of this month.
4) WUP meeting last week – within 60 days should be completed. Down to some ‘minor’ issues; modeling.
5) Collections – muffin monster installed; manufacturer quite impressed with our design.
6) I&I at Boca Royale – contractor encountered a problem with materials; they’ll be back early next month to finish.
7) WRF quiet – paint is curing. Will get back to the headworks this summer, Collections personnel will assist.
8) Resealing the parking lot at this facility.
9) FPL putting in higher/better poles throughout town. They have also replaced our service lines.

1) Working on switch over of HTE to Naviline (off site hosting).
2) ACCPAC financial software being upgraded.

Mr. Rollo continued,
1) Met with Florida Shores Bank (Merchant’s Crossing). They are new, and registered by the State and therefore eligible to be a public depository. Since they’re new they have no bad loans; in good financial position. They are interested in covering three operations; lock box, billing statements and banking our accounts. We will have other meetings with them. If they can bundle they might give us a better deal than the 3 separate contracts we currently have.

2) Liability insurance (auto) – we have one carrier for everything; under auto there is a $2500 collision deductible, but it’s only our vehicle, not the other party. If our driver is “at fault” there’s a switch to the liability portion with a separate $25,000 deductible. For an additional premium of $4,000 we can lower that liability to $5,000. There was some confusion etc. and it’s been rectified. We have appropriate coverage based on the risk.

Picnic – August 8 – everyone come.

9. ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson – Nothing out of the ordinary.


11. PUBLIC – None


Mr. Meals thanked Mr. Ray for the ‘muffin monster’ t-shirt.

14. ADJOURN @ 9:30

Paul F. Manke, Vice Chair