March 19, 2009 Minutes

MARCH 19TH, 2009 @ 8:30 a.m.

Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair
Paul F. Manke, Vice-Chair
Taylor Meals (absent)
Sydney Crampton
Phyllis Wright

Richard L. Rollo, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Attorney
Maureen Cronk, Administrative Assistant

1. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.

2. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Additions & Deletions
Add 6b – work week during summer

a) Mr. Ray Marvin – 165 Mockingbird Lane (473-3273). Re: warehouse at 2781 Worth Avenue. In 2007 he installed a backflow at the request of EWD. He had it tested in 2008; it failed, a second test was performed and it passed. Mr. Marvin feels it is becoming an unreasonable expense and would like to be excluded from yearly testing. He wrote to DEP and legislators and their response was “such premises generally would not include warehouses using water only for domestic purposes”. Mr. Rollo responded with information from the recent conference on backflow. We cannot waive the requirement as it puts us in a position to be fined for disregarding State law.

b) Jordan Cholakov, maintenance man for Dr. Silverstein – 7940 Manasota Key Road (941-356-3546). A problem with the irrigation system resulted in a $3,014.04 bill. An adjustment for the same problem was given in April 2007. The system has since been disconnected. Mr. Cholakov, on behalf of Dr. Silverstein, is requesting the 3-year Water Adjustment Act requirement be waived. After lengthy discussion, Ms. Crampton moved, “to look at it and see if there’s any small adjustment that could be made as long as he discontinues the irrigation system completely.” Mr. Rollo requested clarification on “small adjustment” a percentage of the bill, or waive the 3-year requirement?

Ms. Crampton amended her motion to “in consideration of discontinuing the sprinkler system completely, waive the 3-year requirement”. Seconded by Ms. Wright

Vote = 1/3 Motion failed

c) Phil Eason – (475-1581) representing the Manasota/Sandpiper advisory committee. At the South Manasota Key advisory committee meeting on Wednesday 3/18 Mr. Linden explained criteria for hydrants, and concern regarding size of lines, age of pipes and budget. The committee is looking into amending the MSTU to include utility fees for hydrants. Before going to the effort, need to know (1) what would the cost be for per hydrant/ per six hydrants? We would pay for cost of variance. (2) If funds are collected, will you do it, and can we meet part way with the funds? (3) Longer term is the line size from circle to the pass. Could EWD you use impact fees on the key?

Mr. Rollo Responded: 1) Mains on the Key will be replaced someday but there are funding constraints. 2) Fire protection – Grove City is a larger area with smaller lines and would be more of a priority. Polynesian Village installed stand-pipes on their smaller mains. This may be an option, Mr. Linden will research it. The Fire Department would allow dry hydrants that connect to the bay. A Watermain upgrade to the Key would be higher. If someone gave us a grant, or there was a joint funding, it would raise the position on the list. Mr. Ray interjected that working with a/c pipe is not easy and DEP has not granted waivers before. A pressure recorder will be installed to see what’s going on with the pressures. Mr. Eason asked what time frame we might be talking about on the line replacement. Mr. Rollo responded, depending on the economy; less than 10 years after the economy comes back.

4. CONSENT SECTION – Chair Samuels asked for comments or objections to the Consent Section. Hearing none,

Mr. Manke moved, “to accept the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 5, 2009 and the Attorney’s invoice dated March 9, 2009 as presented” Seconded by Ms. Wright


a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting March 5, 2009 09-03-19 CS A
b) Attorney’s Invoice dated March 9, 2009 09-03-19 CS B


a) Administrator’s Evaluation – Mr. Samuels received positive comments from all Board Members, and asked each to give a short recap of their thoughts. After reviews were read,
Mr. Manke moved, “to authorize a 4% increase commencing with this anniversary date” Seconded by Ms. Crampton for discussion.

Vote 2/2 – Motion failed

After further discussion,
Ms. Wright moved “to increase the Administrator’s salary by 3% effective as of today’s date.” Seconded by Ms. Crampton

Vote= 3/1 Passed 09-03-19 A

Mr. Rollo thanked the Board for their kind words. It’s a pleasure to work with everyone.

b) Siemens Change Order #3 – Tank #2 Refurbishing – Mr. Ray, Operations Division Manager, introduced the item. We received a proposal from Siemens of $217,996 that is $32,000 less than the original $250,000. It’s not in the budget but I recommend taking the proposal the project. There is some unexpected revenue coming from the 1.5MGD going to PRMRWSA, and CCU is still sending wastewater to the WRF.

Ms. Wright moved “to authorize an increase in the amount of $217,996 to the FY ’09 Budget account #500630-540-101 and To accept the Proposal dated 3/09/09 from Siemens to Refurbish WRF Plant #1 steel tank, issuing Change Order #3 in the amount of $217,966 to the original contract. Funds to be taken from Wastewater Revenue”. Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous 09-03-19 B

a) Private Wells & Drought Conditions – Mr. Rollo introduced the item. After several discussions with Mr. John Long, (Park Forest HOA President) the county and SWFWMD, the Home Owners Association has been responsive and the fountains will be shut down. The recirculation fountains will comply with the new hours of use issued by SWFWMD. One well, for the pool, will remain in operations.

b) 4-day workweek – Mr. Rollo introduced the item. We spoke about this last year and as an experiment tried it for several months. Keeping the office open 5 days with a 4-day week was inefficient, in the field it worked exceptionally well. Data has been gathered for the flow of customers during the summer months. We would like to try it again, with a 4-day work week, closing the office on Mondays. The office would follow this schedule May thru October; field personnel would follow it year-round. This item will be brought back as an action item to the next Board meeting.

1) R/O computer shut down Tuesday night, lasting about 8 hours. It is fixed now.
2) R/O Expansion – laying block. Skids will be installed based on economy.
3) WRF – breaker switch went down 3 days ago. FPL shut everything down and we replaced it.
4) Collections – working on dataflow. Antennas and transducers being installed. Dataflow on site next week.
5) Distribution – valve replacement and GPS’ing watermains.

1) Audit complete – report for 2nd meeting in April
2) Fios installed for off-site utility billing. We anticipate starting the new process late May early June.
3) Mid-year review next meeting.

Mr. Rollo continued, expanding on his written report.
c) EXPO – not participating.
d) YMCA – clearing palmettos and underbrush. EWD will not allow use until lease is signed.
e) Anniversary celebration – Cut sheet for newspaper special edition was distributed. It will be published in early June; the paper will sell ads. Suggest a BBQ lunch as a celebration for former board members, employees, agencies, consultants etc. in early June at WRF.
f) Account review process – Mr. Rollo explained what occurred when reviewing some of the reclaimed water accounts. 5 turbine meters of different sizes were mis-programmed; a software multiplier was in error. Other drive-by meters were reviewed and in addition to the 5 reclaimed meters there were 7 potable meters experiencing the same issue. We have had discussions with these customers; not their fault the water was used but we cannot forgive the bills. We have offered to take payments over the next year or so. These mis-reads ranged from a few hundred dollars to close to $11,000. Their argument was if they had known, they would have used less. Going to monthly billing for reuse, instead of quarterly will help prevent this from happening again.

8. ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson – none

9. OLD BUSINESS – none

a) Mr. William Miller – 60 Pearl Street. (610-310-4889) We (South Manasota Key residents) are concerned about raising funds; could we get an advance from EWD with the intention to repay over time? Mr. Rollo responded that an assessment on benefitted properties could be established, repaid over time with interest. It would be a construction loan, similar to your MSTU or MSBU process. Once advertised there’s no public vote; it would be up to this Board. There would be a public hearing and then the Board decides.


a) Mr. Samuels had occasion to see our staff at work. An EWD truck at an elderly neighbor’s recently. EWD employee went out of his way to help her. Shows what our staff does. Going way beyond what they have to, one of the great things about EWD. Pass out an atta-boy to Kyle Franklin.

13. ADJOURN @ 11:00

Paul F. Manke, Vice-Chair