OCTOBER 15, 2009 @ 8:30 a.m.

Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair  
Paul Manke, Vice-Chair
Taylor Meals
Sydney Crampton (absent)
Phyllis Wright

Richard L. Rollo, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Attorney
Maureen Cronk, Administrative Assistant

1.    The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.

2.    ANNOUNCEMENTS – None  

3.    SERVICE AWARDS – Chair Samuels presented a 15 year Service Award to William Knee with thanks.


Mrs. Debbie Effrem – 9194 Downing Street (941-769-6625) Mrs. Effrem asked the Board to abate the mandatory water connection policy.  Mr. Rollo advised there is no record of discussion with the Effrems in 1999; water was available at that time. Water connection did not become mandatory until 2006; however the property was listed by the County as vacant. V-8 sewer was not an assessment area and we didn’t charge vacant properties. Based on County records, we thought the property was undeveloped.

Discussion ensued; the Board’s previous decision to enforce the District mandatory connection water and wastewater rules was affirmed.

5.    CONSENT SECTION – Chair Samuels asked for corrections or comments on the consent section.  Mr. Samuels made a name correction to consent section 09-10-01 CS A

Mr. Manke moved, “ to accept the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 1, 2009 as corrected and the Attorney’s invoice dated October 7, 2009 as presented” Seconded by Mr. Meals
      a)        Minutes of the Regular Meeting October 1, 2009                09-10-15 CS A
      b)        Attorney’s invoice dated October 7, 2009                            09-10-15 CS B     

      a)    Auditor Agreement FY ‘10/ FY ’12 – Ms. Zoeller introduced the Engagement Letter, noting it has been reviewed and approved by Attorney Berntsson, and the firm of Larson Allen has made changes to the fee section as requested.  This agreement is for three fiscal years, with two options for 1 additional year each.  The letter of engagement serves as the contract.

Mr. Manke moved, “to accept the proposed contract for Auditing Services, authorizing the Chair to sign the Letter of Engagement dated October 8, 2009” Seconded by Ms. Wright

Unanimous   09-10-15 A

      b)    V9 B Sewer Project – GWE Task Order – Mr. Rollo introduced the item.  In order to prepare for a public hearing, tentatively scheduled for mid-January/February 2010, construction plans must be at 90% completion. Previously, the Board put $2.4 million in the capital program for V9 A & B, subject to public hearing. V9 A is 100% designed, permitted, and ready to go to bid.
Mr. Manke moved, “to authorize the Administrator to sign the Task Order with Giffels-Webster Engineers for the V9 B Vacuum System Project in the amount of $66,495.   Project costs to be taken from Wastewater CCC” Seconded by Ms. Wright

Unanimous   09-10-15 B
7.    DISCUSSION ITEM –V9 A & B assessment – Mr. Meals discussed his concerns with  the assessment of approximately $1400 per year, the 4% discount if taxes are paid early, and the lack of incentive to pay the fees up front. All concerns will be addressed before moving forward with the public hearing.
8.    ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT – Richard L. Rollo, PE
Mr. Rollo stated, Mr. Linden couldn’t attend today’s Board meeting, he is attending the Charlotte County 1 cent sales tax sidewalk project meeting.

Ms. Franklin, Customer Service Manager, explained the progress of ASP SunGard. The AS 400 billing system is being deleted and ASP SunGard will be coming on line Monday. System testing, set up and training is complete.

  Mr. Ray, Operations Division Manager continued,

WTP- expansion is basically complete; waiting on draft permit for WUP.
WRF- cleaning headworks and routine maintenance. All major projects are done.
Collection Department- wrapping up the relining in Boca Royale, clean up will follow. Work to remove tree roots in the service laterals still needs to be addressed
Distribution Department- working on relocating large underground meters to above ground. The hospital meter is also being worked on, a by-pass will be installed.
GPS- completed all reuse, wastewater, plants and wellfields, water is the only portion left to be GPS’d.

     b)    TECHNICAL SUPPORT MANAGER’S REPORT – Jarl “Jay” D. Linden, PE (absent)

     c)    FINANCE DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Sonia R. Zoeller
           1)    Investment Report ending September 30, 2009
The investment report is showing about $11 M. The average return on investments is 4.3%, on target with our investments. The $600,000 payment on the $1.2 M debt service has been made. The current balance is closer to $10.4 M.
           2)    Final FY ’09 Income Statement
Figures are coming in under budget approximately $229,000, the year has not been closed yet, but no large dollar amount invoices are anticipated.

Mr. Ray continued,
V2 vacuum station has a portable generator. It is old and not functioning at top performance, we would like to add a permanent generator. The price range is about $30,000 to $46,000. This is over the Administrator’s $25,000 limit. We could wait for an actual quote or the Board could authorize the Administrator to make the purchase for V-2 not to exceed $40,000.

Mr. Manke moved, “To authorize the Administrator to purchase a generator for the V-2 Vacuum station not to exceed $40,000, to be added to the capital operating budget for FY10, funds to be taken from wastewater CCC” seconded by Ms. Wright.

Unanimous                                                         9-10-15 C

9.    ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson none

10.   OLD BUSINESS – None


12.   NEW BUSINESS- None

13.   BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS – Mr. Meals expressed his gratitude for a quiet hurricane season this year.  

14.   ADJOURN @ 9:53

Paul F. Manke, Vice-Chair