OCTOBER 7, 2010 – 8:30 A.M.

Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair
Paul Manke, Vice-Chair
Sydney Crampton
Phyllis Wright
Taylor Meals

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Counsel
Maureen A. Cronk, Secretary to the Board

1.            The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.

2.            ADDITIONS – The final FY10 attorney’s invoice has been added to the consent section to close out the year.

3.            SERVICE AWARDS – Chair Samuels presented a 5-year award to Ward Wright with thanks and appreciation.
4.            PUBLIC INPUT – None

5.            CONSENT SECTION – Mr. Ray introduced items b and c of the Consent Section. An annual review of policies is conducted each October. Several policies need to be updated to reflect changes in senior staff titles and inclusion of personnel in certain positions to make procurement more efficient. Chair Samuels asked for comments or corrections to the Consent Section. Mr. Meals questioned the absence of a policy on receiving gifts from vendors to solicit our business.  Discussion ensued, it was determined a policy will be created, added to the document and brought back to the Board for approval.  Upon no further comment,
Mr. Meals moved, “to accept the Consent Section as presented” Seconded by Ms. Wright


                a.    Minutes of the Regular Meeting September 16, 2010      10-10-07 CS-A
                b.    Administrative Policies & Procedures                            10-10-07 CS-B   
                c.    Procurement & Inventory Control Policy                         10-10-07 CS-C   
                d.    Attorney’s Invoice dated October 5, 2010                       10-10-07 CS-D                                   

6.            ACTION ITEM – None

7.            DISCUSSION ITEM – None

8.            ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT – Michael J. Ray
                a.    WATER OPERATIONS – Roger Quick
                       1)            Karen Ernst – Laboratory Director
                                      1. The lab is in the midst of the biannual certification and inspection by the DOH. Mr. Samuels asked what they are looking for. Ms. Ernst replied, paperwork, they want to see the chain of custody from start to finish with a sample.
                                      2. Ms. Crampton inquired about the new piece of equipment the lab has requested. Ms. Ernst replied staff is still doing research.
                       2)            Mr. Quick continued –
                                      1.  Production is working on maintenance mostly, taking the tanks down for cleaning.  Currently we are distributing 1.8 to 1.9 MG per day.                                   
                                      2. LS Plant Filter #3 – work is scheduled to begin in the next 1-2 weeks. Materials are all here, work should take 3 weeks to a month.
                b.    JARL ‘JAY’ D. LINDEN, PE – TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Mr. Linden reviewed his report written report with updates.
                                     1. ASR Supplemental Reclaimed Water Source – all 6 monitor wells are in, DMK will be shooting elevations soon.
                                     2. Heritage Creek Development – builder DR Horton paid for phase II.
                                     3. South Manasota Key Drainage Improvement –all DEP permits have been received; completion date is scheduled for January 15, 2011.
                                     4. Dearborn Street Drainage Project – the plans are expected next week, the project may be done in phases and there is a possibility we could receive grant money to move the utilities.                                 
                                     5. Pollutant Loading Study – a study is being conducted to determine the number of contaminants in the creeks. Jones Edmund asked for maps of Sarasota County to verify the number of properties without sewer.                       
                                     6. SWFWMD, the University of Florida & Tampa Bay Water Study – a study is being conducted to determine what percentage of water is being used for irrigation, they are asking for billing records for the last 10 years.
                                    1. Working with staff to prepare for the audit, the auditors will be here October 26 for the preliminary audit. They will return in January.

                Mr. Ray continued, Mike Coats from PWMRWSA is requesting a meeting in November to discuss potential drought conditions.

9.            ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson – None

10.          OLD BUSINESS – None

11.          PUBLIC COMMENT – None

12.          NEW BUSINESS – None

13.          BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS – None

14.          ADJOURN@ 9:03 AM


Paul F. Manke