For Board Meeting September 16, 2010

1. Reclaimed Water Aquifer Storage Recovery
ASRus is assisting EWD staff with preparation of the August 2010 monthly report to DEP’s Underground Injection Control Staff. Recovery from the ASR well began on May 5, 2010, and approximately 38 MG was recovered from the well. The allowable storage volume in the well is 820 MG. EWD has revised the residential reuse irrigation schedule to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Storage in the Reclaimed ASR Well commenced August 25, 2010.

2. ASR Supplemental Reclaimed Water Source
FDEP issued the permit modification to allow lowering of the onsite storage pond for additional supplemental supply which was received by EWD on August 19, 2010. ASRus continues to work with EWD staff to collect background data to allow pumping of the storage pond once hydrologic conditions are favorable. ASRus and EWD staff met August 27, 2010 to plan the next phase. A staff gauge is being located in the pond to allow readings at lower pond levels, and a new pump will be installed to allow pumping the pond from a lower elevation.

*3. DIW #1 & #2 2009 Annual Operating Report
The DIW annual operating reports were finalized after EWD’s comments were incorporated, and submitted to FDEP on April 23, 2010. At this time, PBS&J have not received any comments or request for additional information from DEP. PBS&J received the revised MOR reporting form modifications from FDEP and forwarded to EWD staff.

*4. 2010 R/O WTP DIW#1 MIT
The Mechanical Integrity Test (MIT) of the R/O WTP DIW #1 was completed on April 6, 2010. A Draft MIT report was submitted to EWD for review and comment. EWD’s review comments were incorporated into the report, which was finalized and submitted to FDEP on May 13, 2010. Currently awaiting any comments from FDEP. No comments received to date.

*5. 2009 Annual Wellfield Management Report
The 2009 Annual Wellfield Management Report was submitted March 30, 2010. On June 25, 2010, EWD received 13 comments on the report from SWFWMD. PBS&J submitted a draft response letter to EWD for review and comment on August 20, 2010. EWD approved the responses and a final response letter was submitted to the SWFWMD on August 25, 2010.

GPS information has been completed on the fire hydrants and water main valves as of March 23, 2010. A data base has been created for Charlotte County area to connect the water mains to the fire hydrants and valves. The entire distribution system in Charlotte County is completed. Work for the project is on hold in order to work on the program upgrade for an internal web site of the mapping to be used by EWD personnel only. A presentation was given at the Manager’s Meeting held August 11, 2010. EWD staff is reviewing the mapping site. Once these questions are answered and the system is fully operational, a presentation will be scheduled for the Board.

*7. Force Main Modeling
EWD staff has begun work on the modeling of the 6 inch force main, this portion of the backbone of the pipes has been completed. EWD staff is now reviewing the record drawings and gathering pertinent information to combine with the 6 inch backbone portion. Work for the modeling is on hold in order to work on the program upgrade for an internal web site of the mapping to be used by EWD personnel only.

8. Water Main Extension
This will be a EWD in-house project. The areas involved are Loralin Drive, Punta Nova Terrace and Cardinal Lane in Charlotte County and Olive Avenue, Cedar Avenue and Bay Park Drive in Sarasota County. The work has been completed on the watermains for Loralin Drive and Punta Nova Terrace. The mains have been disinfected, hydrostatically and bacteriologically tested with satisfactory results and have DEP clearance. Work has been completed at Cardinal Lane. The DEP clearance was submitted August 10, 2010. DEP clearance was received August 16, 2010. The main has been installed on Cedar Avenue and bacteriological testing will be completed the week of August 16, 2010. The DEP clearance for Cedar Avenue was submitted August 24, 2010. The DEP clearance was received August 25, 2010. Work on Olive Street started August 31, 2010. Because of the wet weather, the pipe installation has stopped until the water has cleared.

9. EWD Lab
The annual Department of Health inspection is scheduled for October.

10. South Manasota Key Drainage Improvement (Phase 1) and (Phase 2)
Construction was completed on July 28, 2010. Record drawings and a FDEP water main extension permit modification will be submitted on August 26, 2010. When the permit modification is approved, a request for final clearance will be submitted to complete this project.

*11. Dearborn Street Drainage Project
EWD will be working with DMK on a redesign of the Dearborn Street Drainage Project. DMK will be removing various sidewalks in the vicinity of Dearborn from the Englewood project and designing them in the Dearborn project. At the July 15, 2010 Board Meeting, the Board approved additional money for FY 10 Budget, as well as the DMK Task Order for the design to relocate EWD facilities within the County project. This project will have Joint Project Agreement with Sarasota County. DMK started on the design of relocating EWD facilities on July 29, 2010 and anticipate having review plans the second week of September.

*12. Winchester South Project
EWD staff was contacted by Joanne Vernon, P.E. CC Stormwater Manager letting us know that Charlotte County is planning to go to construction next summer with this project. EWD staff will work with the County on the Joint Project Agreement for this project. GWE is the Engineer for the District. This project is part of the FY10 CIP Budget. On Tuesday, August 24, 2010, the Charlotte County Commissioners unanimously voted to add Winchester Boulevard extension to the FY 2010 budget. Construction will commence the summer of 2011 or 2012 depending on the Florida Department of Transportation Grant.

*13. Charlotte County Sidewalks
EWD staff reviewed the Manor Road Sidewalk 60% Construction Plans. There were water and sewer conflicts found. A letter listing the conflicts was sent to Johnson Engineering on June 2, 2010.

*14. SR 776 from San Casa to Sunnybrook Blvd. Landscape Project
DOT has a landscape project on SR 776 from San Casa to Sunnybrook. EWD staff reviewed the plans and there will be no interference with EWD facilities in the area. A letter was sent to DOT on February 17, 2010 stating there will be no interference with our facilities; however, the District’s Locator will be on site when the landscaping begins to assist the contractor with any questions concerning our utilities.

15. Sarasota County Water Interconnect
Sarasota County contacted EWD staff on April 21, 2010 stating that they have completed the review of the preliminary report on the interconnect and the Interlocal Agreement. The Interlocal Agreement was approved at the Sarasota Board of County Commissioners Board Meeting held on June 8, 2010. GWE 60% plans to be reviewed with the County. EWD staff received the 90% construction plans for review on September 7, 2010.

*16. Sarasota County Regional Advanced Traffic Management System
EWD staff was contracted by the Engineering Firm on behalf of Sarasota County to inform the District that they will be installing conduit and fiber optic lines at the traffic intersections throughout the Englewood Water District along SR 776. A preliminary set of the construction plans was submitted. The County will be contacting the utilities in this project area for a pre-construction meeting. The anticipated construction start date for this work is November, 2010.

*17. Sarasota County Bus Stops
EWD staff was contracted by Stanley Consultants, Inc. on behalf of Sarasota County and Sarasota County Area Transit to inform the District that they will be installing bus stop in the area of the Englewood Hospital. They have included the relocation of one of the fire hydrant in this project. A preliminary set of the plans was submitted for EWD staff to review. The review was completed and a response sent to the consultant July 28, 2010.

18. Sarasota County Lemon Bay Watershed Sediment Management Project
EWD staff received a request from the County’s Engineer to do a preliminary review the plans for any potential conflicts. The area involved is Buchan Airport and Alligator Creek near Alameda Isles and Eden Harbor. A full set of 90% construction drawings were received September 3, 2010. EWD staff is reviewing the plans for any conflicts with our facilities. A meeting was held with the County’s Engineer on September 7, 2010.

19. Sarasota County Manasota Beach Park
EWD staff received a request from the County’s Engineer on the meter size and location in preparation of the County’s renovation at the park. EWD reviewed the modified plans on August 30, 2010.

*20. Vacuum Sewer Telemetry Project
The system has been installed. Initial testing will proceed in August 2010. Final testing will be completed the second week in October.

21. Engineer Library
EWD has 8 engineering firms in its original library of 10. The original Agreement with these engineering firms consists of a base 3 year term with the option 2 consecutive one year extensions. The first one year extension ends this September 1, 2010. As stipulated in the Agreement, the second year extension letter was sent thirty (30) day prior to expiration. Acceptance was received from all 8 engineering firms. Before the expiration of the final year’s extension, the District will advertise a Request for Letters of Interest as required by CCNA to choose the new EWD Engineer Library. Several of the engineering firms had not turned in an updated Certificate of Insurance. These firms were notified and the Certificates of Insurance are being submitted. Once all are received, the file will be updated and complete. There are two companies who have not responded. A call will be made to these companies.

*22. Thomas Ranch
Mike and Jay met with consultants on August 18, 2010 for a progress update.