SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 – 8:30 A.M.

Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair
Paul Manke, Vice-Chair
Sydney Crampton
Phyllis Wright
Taylor Meals

Michael J. Ray – Administrator
Robert Berntsson – District Counsel
Maureen A. Cronk – Secretary to the Board

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Mr. Ray informed the Board that summary 6a was replaced by the corrected version distributed before the meeting.

SERVICE AWARDS – Chair Samuels presented services awards to three employees, with thanks.

Maureen Cronk, Administrative Assistant – 25 years
Glenn Freiberg, Collections Workman II – 5 years
William Skidmore, WRF Plant Operator – 5 years

PUBLIC INPUT – Mr. Pete Buchardt – 2190 Alamander Avenue (408-4491) Mr. Buchardt had several questions for the Board pertaining to the V9 sewer project. He referenced an article in the Sun newspaper stating “there are people who want sewers” how many? If this goes through? What is the monthly assessment and increase to the bill? When will construction begin? When will it be approved? Terms for the repayment? Interest? Mr. Burchardt’s questions were addressed during the Board discussion of V9A.

CONSENT SECTION – Chair Samuels asked for comments and or corrections to the Minutes. Hearing none, Mr. Meals moved, “to accept the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 19, 2010 as presented” Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous 10-09-02 CS A

FY 2011 Budget – Mr. Ray introduced the budget for Fiscal Year 2011 recommending approval as presented.

1) Mr. Manke moved,”to approve the FY 2011 Capital Improvement Program budget, totaling $650,000, as presented by staff. CIP project authorization and funds are multi-year funds.” Seconded by Mr. Meals.

Unanimous 10-09-02 A

2) Ms. Wright moved, “to approve a FY 2011 Operating Budget totaling $9,575.853. Operating Budget funds are annual and will expire on September 30, 2011.” Seconded by Ms. Crampton.

Unanimous 10-09-02 B

3) Ms. Crampton moved, “to approve the FY 2011 Debt Service totaling $3,622,962.” Seconded by Mr. Manke.

Unanimous 10-09-02 C

4) Mr. Meals moved, “to approve the FY 2011 Florida Retirement System Debt Service totaling $278,468.” Seconded by Mr. Manke.

Unanimous 10-09-02 D

5) Ms. Crampton moved, “to approve 78 full time employees effective 10/1/10; 75 funded.” Seconded by Mr. Manke.

Passed 4/1 (Mr. Meals) 10-09-02 E

WRF – Generator Purchase – Mr. Quick presented the item, reviewing the written recommendation. The current generator is past its dependability, needing $7000.00 in repairs.
Mr. Ray continued, the generator will be replaced with year end funds, no additional money is required.

Ms. Crampton moved, “To accept the proposal dated August 16, 2010 from Detroit Diesel-Allison in the amount of $44,100” Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous 10-09-02 F

c. V9A Schedule – Mr. Ray introduced the item, noting it should have been listed under discussion, not action. Lengthy discussion followed, including financing the project, the potential change in Board Members, and a date certain for the project to begin. Discussion was tabled until the December 2, 2010 meeting, after the elections.


Ron Franklin, Collections Dept. Foreman
1) Working with IP Sensing to get radio read on the valve pits. With this technology the vacuum pit activity will be recorded and a problem would be detected before a back-up occurs. This will help us respond, and also let us know about leaks.
Mr. Quick continued,
2) The elevated tank painting and repair project is complete. A small leak was detected and repaired.
3) The Rehab of filter #3 will begin soon, it will be lengthy.

b. JARL ‘JAY’ D. LINDEN, TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with updates.
1) Reclaimed Water Aquifer Storage Recovery – Use is down, we are storing water for the dry season. The new watering schedule is working well.
2) ASR Supplemental Reclaimed Water Source – The permit modification was received August 19, we had a meeting with ASRus Inc. August 27, to plan the next phase.
3) 2009 Annual Wellfield Management Report – The final response letter was submitted to SWFWMD on August 25,
4) Water Main Extensions – Eight are complete, two remain to be done.
5) Dearborn Street Drainage Project – DMK anticipates having the review plans the second week of September.
6) Winchester South Project – Project is proceeding, construction will begin the summer of 2011 or 2012 depending on the FDOT grant. We have it funded.
7) Manasota Beach Improvement Project – We have reviewed and returned the plans, the project has little to do with EWD.

1) Financial Statement – As of August 25, revenues are $250,000 under budget, and expenses are $795,000 under; we anticipate being under budget on September 30.

ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson – None




BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS – Mr. Meals congratulated Mr. Ray on the good job he is doing since becoming Administrator.

ADJOURN @ 9:33 am


Paul Manke, Vice-Chair