APRIL 21, 2011

Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair
Taylor Meals, Vice-Chair
Sydney Crampton (Absent)
Phyllis Wright
Paul Manke

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Counsel
Teresa L. Herzog, Administrative Assistant

1.      The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call to establish a quorum.

2.      ANNOUNCEMENTS – None

         a.         Audit Report FY10 – Martin Redovan, Larson Allen LLP – Mr. Redovan distributed copies of the FY10 Audit Report to the Board and Staff. He performed a review, providing explanations and answering questions, mentioning two items in this year’s report. Note 7, page 27 – Accounting and Financial Reporting for Derivative Instruments.  This note referred to accounting rule changes, requiring the swap agreement to be reported on the balance sheet and note 10, page 30 – Accounting and Financial Reporting by Employers for Postemployment Benefits Other Than Pensions. This note referred to FRS statute requiring employers allow retired employees to be included in Health Care Plans at their expense, resulting in a $13,045 liability for the District. No instances of non-compliance were discovered in the Audit Report. Page 40- The Management Letter with 1 comment was discussed with a recommendation that a policy requiring the Board of Supervisors to authorize the opening and closing of District bank and investment accounts be drafted and implemented.  

Mr. Samuels called for questions or comments. There being no other questions,

Mr. Meals moved, “to approve the Audit Report” Seconded by Ms. Wright

Unanimous                                                                                            11-04-21 A


4.      PUBLIC INPUT – Bob Soravilla 1151 Gladstone Boulevard (941-270-0248) – Mr. Soravilla returned to get the Board’s decision on the Roll’s Cove purchase agreement discussed at the April 7, 2011meeting. Mr. Ray recommended moving discussion item 7a to public input since Mr. Soravilla was here. Attorney Berntsson continued with his conclusion upon review of the contract. Though the terms of the agreement had not been met, both parties could mutually agree to modify the agreement at the discretion of the Board, setting no precedence for other similar agreements.
Discussion ensued, after which a motion was made.

Mr. Meals moved, “to authorize the Administrator and the Attorney to modify and sign the agreement between Englewood Water District and the Roll’s Cove personal representative.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-21 B

5.      CONSENT SECTION – Chair Samuels asked for comments, objections and/or corrections to the consent section, hearing none,

Mr. Meals moved, “To approve the consent section as presented.” Seconded by Ms. Wright

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-21 CS A

         a.         Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting dated April 7, 2011

         a.         Water Adjustment Rules – Mr. Ray introduced the item, after District Counsel review, minor changes were suggested.  In item 13.5.1 of the Customer Rules & Regulations, strike the “by 50%”, delete article a. The account must be in existence for a minimum period of one year and strike the word maximum in article e. The maximum rate utilized to calculate the Water Usage Charges adjustment shall be first tier. The resulting Usage Charge shall then be charged to the customer. With the proposed changes to the water adjustment act, these items will no longer be necessary.
Discussion continued including how long an account must be in existence and the amount of usage necessary to do the calculations for the adjustment. 

Mr. Meals moved “to accept the proposed changes to Section 13, 13.5.1 items D & E as modified.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

 Unanimous                                                                                                 11-04-21 C

Upon motion passing, Mr. Meals questioned if this would be retroactive to cover the event that led to the changes in the Water Adjustment Act? Mr. Ray replied yes.

         a.         Roll’s Cove Purchase Agreement Contract – moved to Public Input.
         a.         LAB DIRECTOR – KAREN ERNST

                     1.  Ms. Ernst thanked the Board for the new piece of lab equipment. Staff is in the process of getting certified. The equipment has the potential to do several tests, but the procedure to test sulfates needed to be revised to meet testing requirements.  


                     1.  We conducted a tour Saturday April 16th with Lemon Bay Conservation Society for approximately 13 people. It went well.
                     2.  Two Operators resigned over the past few months, both were trainees. We have one new hire and a 2 year intern will be transfer to a full-time position upon high school graduation.
                     3. ASR Supplemental Reclaimed Water Source – the pump and motor will be up and running the end of the month, testing will resume next week.
                     4.  Odor control issue – the unit has been ordered and should be received in the next 90 days. A letter was sent to the Rotonda Heights Homeowners Association and DEP addressing the odor complaints and the course of action to be taken.
                     5. Static Screen installation project – waiting for Siemen’s to schedule a date to begin the installation. Better to do in the summertime when demand is down.

         c.         TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER- JARL ‘JAY’ D. LINDEN, PE – Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with updates.

                     1.  Annual Operating Report DIW #1 and DIW #2 – the draft report has been
submitted for Staff review and comments have been sent to Post Buckley.
                     2.  Sarasota County Sidewalk Project Phase I – the project is proceeding.
                     3.  Sarasota County Sidewalk Project Phase II – received the cost estimates
and task order from DMK, EWD’s portion of the project is $250,000 to move our utilities.
                     4. Sarasota County Interconnect. –went out to bid April 19th.
                     5.  V9-A Vacuum Sewer and Watermain Replacement Project – an open
house was held last night from 6-8 P.M. and another will be held today from 1-3 P.M.


                     1.  Investment Report – March 31, 2011 currently there is $13.1M in cash and investments. Our yield to maturity at about 2.6%.
                     2.  Financial software – Microsoft will stop supporting the current software. SAP Business One is being looked at, it will cover both the payroll and financial software needs.
                     3.  We are preparing for the mid-year budget review for the May 19th meeting.
                     4.  Changes to the Investment policy will be presented at the next Board meeting.  

Chair Samuels and Mr. Meals both complimented Ms. Zoeller and Staff on a good audit.

Mr. Ray concluded the Administrator’s report.

9.      ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson – reviewed the Roll’s Cove contract and working with Staff on the notice to be recorded for V9A.

10.    OLD BUSINESS – Mr. Meals expressed apprehension of high Attorney fees to settle the Roll’s Cove matter since it is a small amount of money to be refunded.
11.    PUBLIC COMMENT – None

12.    NEW BUSINESS – None


14.    ADJOURN 9:35



Taylor Meals