APRIL 7, 2011 @ 8:30 A.M.


Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair
Taylor Meals, Vice-Chair
Sydney Crampton
Phyllis Wright
Paul Manke

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Counsel
Teresa L. Herzog, Administrative Assistant

1.      The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call to establish a quorum.

2.      ADDITIONS – The Attorney’s invoice dated April 4, 2011 was added to the consent section.

3.      SERVICE AWARDS – Chair Samuels presented 5 year awards to Meter Reader Annette Bellucci and Wastewater Operator Trainee Anthony Matonis with thanks and congratulations.
         a.         Bob Soravilla, 1151 Gladstone Blvd (941-270-0248) Mr. Soravilla spoke on behalf of Andrea Roll. She and her late husband entered into a purchase agreement contract known as Rolls Cove with Englewood Water District in 1985. The lines were taken over by the District and the property is no longer in the names of Bernard or Andrea Roll. Mr. Soravilla felt the spirit of the contract had been met, and the deposit should be refunded. Mr. Ray referred to the contract. It states that at least 6 “units” must have applied for and/or received water service to reimburse the $2929.20 deposit. Currently, 5 lots are developed and receive water service; the conditions of the contract have not been met at this time. The contract was given to District Counsel for review and a decision will be made at the April 21, 2011 Board meeting.    

5.      CONSENT SECTION – Chair Samuels asked for comment, objections and/or corrections to the consent section, Hearing none,

Mr. Meals moved, “To accept the Consent Section as amended.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

         a.         Minutes of the Public Hearing & Regular Meeting dated March 17, 2011      
         b.         Attorney’s Invoice dated April 4, 2011

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-07 CS A
                                                                                                                        11-04-07 CS B
         a.         Dearborn Street LID Project – Mr. Linden presented the item. Sarasota County is planning installation of storm drains for the Dearborn Street LID project. The task order with DMK was for construction plans, permit applications and bid assistance. We have utilities that require relocation in the area. This Amendment is for construction engineering and inspection services. It is a budgeted project.

Ms. Wright moved, “To authorize the Administrator to sign Amendment No. 1 to Task Order DMK-10-002 in the amount of $72,110.00 for construction engineering and inspection services for the Dearborn Street LID Water and Wastewater Relocation Project.” Seconded by Mr. Meals

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-07 A

         b.         WRF Biorem Odor Control System – Mr. Ray introduced the item. A meeting with DEP is likely because of odor complaints at the WRF. We want to be proactive with a plan to correct the problem before the meeting. We have had odor control issues for years; the present scrubber can’t keep up with demand.  This proposal is from Biorem a sole-source company that installed the system we currently have, this upgrades the existing odor control system. To do this chemically it would cost approximately $100,000 per year. This project is not in the budget, but there are funds remaining in the department’s capital line item. Ms. Crampton recommended a letter be sent to the Rotonda Heights Home Owners Association to inform them we are addressing their concerns. Mr. Ray agreed a letter would be sent. 

Mr. Meals moved, “To accept the proposal dated March 17, 2011 from Biorem in the amount of $91,230.00.” Seconded by Ms. Crampton

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-07 B

         c.         WRF Static Screen Installation – Mr. Ray announced the item. The screens have been rebuilt and installation is now required. Each of the three screens will be installed one at a time, taking approximately 2 weeks per screen. This is a budgeted project.

Mr. Meals moved, “To accept bid from Siemens Water Technologies Corporation, for the installation of three (3) Sweco Static Screens at a total cost of $44,900.00. Funds to come from Wastewater Revenue.” Seconded by Ms. Wright

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-07 C

         d.         V9-A Vacuum System and Watermain Upgrade Project – Mr. Linden presented the item. Giffels Webster Engineers have the 90% plans finished; this task order completes the bidding process, getting final permits, obtaining easements and services during construction. The process takes approximately 6 months. Since the Board approved funding it ourselves, we need to add to the FY11 CIP budget.  Letters announcing the V9-A open house will be mailed next week. The dates of the open house are April 20th from 6-8 pm and April 21st from 1-3 pm, both being held in the Board room.

Mr. Meals moved, “1) To approve the addition to the FY11 CIP Budget in the amount of $94,226.33 for the V9-A Vacuum Sewer System and Watermain Upgrade Project Engineering Service; 2) To authorize the Administrator to sign the GWE-11-001 Task Order for engineering services for the V9-A Vacuum Sewer System and Watermain Upgrade Project.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-07 D


         e.         Sarasota County Interlocal Agreement – Mr. Linden introduced the item. The time frame for this project is about to run out. This amendment to the Interlocal Agreement extends it, with no additional cost to the District.

Ms. Wright moved, “To authorize the Chair to sign Amendment No. 1 to the Interlocal Agreement between Englewood Water District and Sarasota County dated June 10, 2010.” Seconded my Mr. Meals

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-07 E

         a.         Hardship for Water Adjustment Act – Mr. Ray began the discussion, deferring to Ms. Franklin Customer Service Manager. In November 2010 a customer had a leak resulting in a $2,538.17 bill. Because she applied for and received the water adjustment act in 2008, per Customer Rules and Regulations she did not qualify for an additional adjustment because she had received one in the previous three years.  Mr. Ray suggested a reduction in the time needed to request the water adjustment act and remove the tiered rate, adding that the District should only cover its costs, not profit from someone’s misfortune. Discussion ensued, after further review by staff a decision will be requested at the April 21, 2011 Board meeting. Attorney Berntsson stated that a change in the Customer Rules and Regulations would require no public hearing and could be made retroactive to the date of the customer’s problem.

         b.         Administrator’s Review – Chair Samuels thanked the Board for their comments and asked each to read their statement or add comment. At the conclusion of Chair Samuels’ statement he recommended Mr. Ray receive a salary increase of 4.3%, increasing his salary from $100,700 annually to $105,030 annually, recognizing that economic times are still difficult but felt that Mr. Ray had done a tremendous job for the District. Ms. Wright read her statement agreeing with Chair Samuel’s proposed salary increase. Mr. Meals read his statement, while agreeing with Chair Samuels’ statements about Mr. Ray he proposed the District not give Mr. Ray a raise and instead, pick up his medical insurance costs. Currently Mr. Ray pays $275.00 a month for medical insurance. Mr. Meals reasoned this move would eliminate the out-of-pocket he pays and would give him an objective view as insurance costs are dealt with. Ms. Zoeller, Finance Director pointed out this would reduce Mr. Ray’s retirement benefit. The salary additive is considered by FRS when they do the final average calculations for retirement. Mr. Manke read his statement, recommending a raise in salary commensurate to the percentage or more being given to other employees for next year. Ms. Crampton read her statement, supporting Chair Samuels’ recommendation.

Chair Samuels asked for additional comment from the Board, hearing none, he called for a motion.

Ms. Wright moved, “To raise Mr. Ray’s salary by 4.3%.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-04-07 F    

Mr. Ray added that it has been a great year, with a lot of dedicated people. A real pleasure for the last 31 years.  
8.      ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT – Michael J. Ray
         a.         WATER OPERATIONS – Roger Quick
                     1.  Flows are averaging 2.9 MGD with a peak of 3 MGD.                                                           2.  WTP just finished the 3 year major sampling, with good results. Testing for lead and copper will be in August.
                     3.  On March 25th we had a site visit with SWFWMD to inspect wellfields 2, 3 and 5 and the Myakka State Forest wetlands, it went well. A final meeting will be scheduled.
                     4.  Distribution is working on Manasota Key replacing valves and hydrants.
                     5.  Sarasota County portion is being reviewed for additional loops to be installed in the system.
                     6.  A 12” Watermain at Cocoanut and 776 was diverted. It went well.

         b.         JARL ‘JAY’ D. LINDEN, PE – TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with updates.
                     1.  South Manasota Key Drainage Improvement – the final walk thru was completed and accepted, pavement overlay will be completed over the summer.                                         2.  South County Sidewalk Project Phase I – the project has not started yet, funds for this project are coming from sales tax revenue.
                     3.  Charlotte County Sidewalk Project – the 90% plans have been reviewed, the county has acquired a seven foot easement eliminating a great deal of utility conflicts. The project is proceeding.
                     4.  Annual SWFWMD and DEP Reports – are complete.
                     5.  Staff and Board member Samuels attended the septic tank seminar by Damann Anderson March 29th, very informative presentation.

                     1.  Staff cross training is ongoing; a new employee is being trained in assessments.
                     2.  Audit report will be presented at the next meeting.
                     3.  New financial software packages are being reviewed; the current software will not be supported by Microsoft in the next 2 years.

Mr. Ray concluded the Administrator’s report.

9.      ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson – Attorney Berntsson will review the contracts that are similar to the Roll’s Cove agreement.

10.    OLD BUSINESS – None

11.    PUBLIC COMMENT – None

12.    NEW BUSINESS -None

         a.         Mr. Meals commented that when there is a public hearing or major decision, it is important that the public understands why a decision is made.

14.    ADJOURN @ 10:02



Taylor Meals