APRIL 19, 2012 @ 8:30 A.M.

Board of Supervisors:           
Taylor Meals, Chair               
Sydney Crampton, Vice-Chair   
Steve Samuels                           
Phyllis Wright                              
Paul Manke    

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Counsel
Jarl “Jay” D. Linden, P.E.,Technical/Operations Support Manager
Sonia R. Zoeller, Finance Director
Roger K. Quick, Water Operations Manager                                                     
Teresa L. Herzog, Secretary to the Board

  1. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.


  1. SERVICE AWARDS – Chair Meals presented a five year service award to Distribution Workman I George Senopole with thanks and congratulations.


4.  PUBLIC INPUT – Termination appeal of Marilyn Talutis – Marilyn Talutis – 141 North Street (468-2610). Ms. Talutis read her statement to the Board (attached). Because Ms. Talutis had sought legal representation, Attorney Berntsson advised the Board not to make any comment and continue the matter, taking no further action until notification from her counsel.

5.  CONSENT SECTION – Chair Meals called for comments, objections and/or corrections to the consent section, hearing none,

Mr. Samuels moved, “to accept the consent agenda as presented,” seconded by Ms. Wright


a. Minutes of the Regular Meeting dated March 15, 2012                                   12-04-19 CS A
b. Attorney’s Invoices dated April 3, 2012                                                            12-04-19 CS B

a. WRF Odor Control Master Plan – Mr. Ray introduced the item. The Odor Control Study is complete and the first of three phases for this project is engineering and design. After the scope is complete an estimate of construction costs and time line will be brought to the Board, additional funds will be requested at that time.
Ms. Wright moved, 1. To approve the addition of $100,000.00 for the WRF Odor Control Master Plan to the FY 12 Budget for engineering and design.  2. To authorize Administrator Michael J. Ray to sign Amendment No. 1 to Giffels-Webster’s Task Order GWE-12-001 to complete engineering and design as stipulated in the attached Scope of Services as recommended in the odor study of the EWD’s Water Reclamation Facility.  Project costs to be taken from Wastewater CCC.” Seconded by Mr. Manke
Unanimous                                                                                                                12-04-19 A

a. Termination appeal of Marilyn Talutis- moved to public input.

1. DISTRIBUTION FOREMAN – Wayne Kershanick          
a. Manasota Beach Park Improvement Project – the water main was lowered in that area to accommodate the installation of storm water culverts. A valve was added and the other side was tapped to supply water to the private end of the beach. The project went well.                                            b. Main Extension – work is complete on Jacaranda and Texas Streets, a hydrant was also added. Killbourne Avenue will be the next project, also adding a hydrant there. Adding loops reduces the need to flush lines.
c. Meter Change Outs – this project is ongoing.
d. Main Replacement – a section of galvanized main on Leach Street was found and replaced.
e. Hydrants – are being added on Morningside Drive and Alamander Avenue.

Mr. Ray added that a notice will be placed on all bills to alert customers that new hydrants are periodicity added to the system that could result in lower homeowners insurance premiums based on the proximity of the hydrant to their home.

Mr. Quick continued,
1. Production – is averaging 2.8 MGD. The maximum amount produced at the height of season was 3.35 MGD.
2. Vegetation Survey – Atkins is working on this survey in Wellfield 3 and the Myakka Forrest, the survey is a requirement of our water use permit. Wellfield 3 was not used this year.
3. Generator Room Improvement – the project is finished.
4. Ammonia Tank – to continue the current $1.00 a year contract, the tank has been tested and completely rehabbed back to new condition.
5. Ground Storage Tank Inspection – this is a DEP 5-year requirement, minor suggestions were received.
6. Best Tasting Water Contest Region X – we will be attending the BBQ and Best Tasting Water Contest at the Peace River Facility on April 27th. The Board is also invited.

      b. TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Jarl ‘Jay’ D. Linden P.E. – Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with highlights.
1. Reclaimed Water Aquifer Storage Recovery – reclaimed customers are asking for more water, flows to the WRF have dropped from 1.4 to 1.1 MGD.
2. Annual Operating Report DIW #1 and DIW #2 – FDEP approved the reports and the project is complete.
3. HV Injection Well IW-2 Operation Re-permitting Application – submitted April 16th.
4. Winchester South Project – went to the public information meeting March 28th. They are waiting for grant money from DOT; construction is scheduled to proceed in December. Collections Foreman Ron Franklin will be attending a utility coordination meeting today.
5. Sarasota County Interconnect – contractor is finished, clean up to follow. The 16” valve is closed underground to protect EWD.
6.  V9-A Vacuum Sewer and Watermain Replacement Project – progressing, may be a little behind schedule. Restoration is being done as they go instead of at the end of the project.
7. SR 776 Mast Arm Replacement – FDOT will be replacing all the signal mast arms on SR 776 in Sarasota County. A utility coordination meeting will be attended later today to determine which of our utilities will need to be moved for this project.
8. SR 776 Lane Project – has been put on hold until 2020.
9. Japanese Gardens – the DEP permit was received April 10th. Their engineer is putting it out to bid soon.

c. FINANCE DIRECTOR – Sonia R. Zoeller
1. Investment Report – shows the current value as of March 31st at $14.1M in cash and investments. The first draw check for V9A has been written for $177,000.
2. BOA Swap Agreement Litigation Check – we received a check from a class action suit in the amount of $61,000.
3. Server Upgrade – we are waiting for the new hardware to begin the server room conversion.
4. Payroll and Timecard Software Conversion – the new process for timecards and payroll is going smoothly and taking considerably less time.
5. Lock Box – will be moved to Florida Shores soon, possibly by May 1st.
6. Billing Software Company – currently we are using a company in Texas, the new company we are looking at is in Fort Myers. They seem to be more accommodating and would be approximately $500.00 less per month than our current company.
7. American Express Credit Cards – are presently used to pay monthly bills, for this we receive award points. Currently we have $3,100.00 in award points that can be used for payment towards the monthly bill, gift cards, travel, etc.

Mr. Samuels commented that in the investment report, it appears that some of the newer CD rates are coming back up a bit.

Mr. Ray continued with his report,

  1. Ann Dever Memorial Regional Park formerly known as Oyster Creek Regional Park –  

We have supplied the County with reuse irrigation water since the park was built. The installed meter was damaged since the beginning, and never registered usage. Since the meter was replaced it appears they have been using 50,000 to 60,000 GPD to maintain the football fields. Their reuse contract with us is for a minimum of 5,000 to 7,000 GPD and a maximum of 9,000 GPD. With the contracted amount of water being delivered, they are afraid the football fields will die. Wastewater Operation Manager Phil Wagoner had a meeting with them and several options to deliver additional reclaimed water were discussed.

Lengthy Board discussion ensued with a decision to request another meeting with Charlotte County Park and Recreation.

9.    ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson – None

10.   OLD BUSINESS – None


12.  NEW BUSINESS – None

13.  BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS- Chair Meals announced that he would not be attending the May 3, 2012 meeting and asked if the meeting was necessary.

Board discussion followed, a decision to cancel the May 3, 2012 Board meeting was made.

14.  ADJOURN @ 9:35


Sydney B. Crampton, Vice-Chair