November 1, 2012 Minutes

NOVEMBER 1, 2012 @ 8:30 A.M.

Board of Supervisors:
Taylor Meals, Chair
Sydney B. Crampton, Vice-Chair
Steven Samuels
Phyllis Wright
Eric Fogo

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert Berntsson, District Counsel
Jarl “Jay” D. Linden, P.E., Technical/Operations Support Manager
Sonia R. Zoeller, Finance Director
Roger K. Quick, Water Operations Manager
Teresa L. Herzog, Board Secretary

1.      The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.

2.      ANNOUNCEMENTS – None

3.      SERVICE AWARD – Chair Meals presented a 10 year service award to Customer Service Representative I Karen Waite with congratulations and thanks.

4.      PUBLIC INPUT – None

5.      CONSENT SECTION – Chair Meals called for corrections and/or comments on the consent section. Hearing none,

Mr. Samuels moved, “to accept the consent section as presented,” seconded by Mr. Fogo.


         a. Minutes of the Regular Meeting dated October 4, 2012                 12-11-01 CS A
b. Attorney’s Invoice dated October 26, 2012                                        12-11-01 CS B

6.      ACTION ITEM                                                                                     
a. Winchester South Joint Project Agreement – Mr. Linden introduced the item. This project extends Winchester Boulevard from 776 to 775. The JPA has been reviewed and approved by the County Attorneys and District Counsel.
Mr. Fogo moved, “to authorize the Chair to sign and the Secretary to the Board attest the Winchester Boulevard South Joint Project Agreement,” seconded by Ms. Wright.

Unanimous                                                                                                              12-11-01 A

a. Annual and Organizational Meeting – Mr. Ray deferred to Attorney Berntsson for discussion of the scheduling options  for  the Annual and Organizational meeting and the V9-B discussion meeting. Attorney Berntsson presented the following possibilities: 1) Have the Organizational Meeting motions and election in December, ratifying them on the agenda for January. 2) Allow the incoming Chair to conduct the meeting in January. 3) Put the ratification on as the last item on the agenda, leaving the sitting Chair to conduct the January meeting. 4) Have the whole meeting in January with the V9-B discussion first and conduct the Organizational Meeting as the last item of business.  

Lengthy discussion ensued with a decision made to have the Organizational Meeting motions and election of Officers at the December 6 meeting; ratifying them at the January meeting and have the existing Chair conduct the meeting that will be changed from January 3, 2013 to January 17, 2013.

8.      ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT – Michael J. Ray
1.  Collections Foreman – Ron Franklin
i. Working with the V9 contactor; a small punch list remains. Plumbers have started coordinating with us to make connections. 
ii. Working with FPL to change the pumps from 2 phase to 3 phase resulting in long term savings.
iii. To approve the appearance of the lift stations on Manasota Key, vinyl fencing has been installed.

Mr. Quick continued with his report,
1. Production is up from 1.9 MGD last month to 2.3 MGD this month.
2. Meter Testing Project – the project is complete, accuracy of all the meters was within range. The information will be sent to SWFWMD for review.
3. Distribution – main replacement on Illinois Avenue and 11th Street will begin next week, four additional hydrants will be added with this upgrade.
4. Old Englewood Road will be tied into the 16” main on 776 creating another loop in the system for better flow.  

b.  TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Jarl ‘Jay’ D. Linden, PE Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with highlights.
1. ASR Supplemental Reclaimed Water Source – the reimbursement request was sent to SWFWMD October 11.
2. Dearborn Street Drainage Project – progress meetings are being attended weekly; drainage work has been started on Cocoanut Avenue. Mains and forcemains will be moved.
3. V9-A Vacuum Sewer and Watermain Replacement Project – the walk-thru was completed October 16 and 17, the punch list items should be resolved by November 9. To date, 27 residents have signed applications for  service.
4. WRF Odor Control – the 100% plans are due for review on November 15 and the project is expected to go out to bid.
5. State Lab Inspection – the inspection went well with only minor notes, recertification should be received soon.
6. Dedication ceremony for the Regional Integrated Loop System Phase 1A Interconnect – was attended last week.

Mr. Ray presented Ms. Zoeller’s report in her absence.

c.  FINANCE DIRECTOR – Sonia R. Zoeller (delayed because of a telephone conference)
1. Investment Report – after the debt service payment of $1.3M was made in October the current value in cash and investments is $14M.
2. Financial Software – new software is being reviewed.
3. Staff is preparing for the Audit.

Mr. Ray concluded the Administrator’s Report.

9.      ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Berntsson explained the changes to his billing cycle.

10.    OLD BUSINESS – None

11.    PUBLIC COMMENT – None

12.    NEW BUSINESS – None


14.    ADJOURNED @ 9:16


Sydney B. Crampton, Vice-chair