September 6, 2012 Minutes

SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 @ 8:30 A.M.

Board of Supervisors:
Taylor Meals, Chair
Sydney B. Crampton, Vice-Chair (absent)
Steve Samuels
Phyllis Wright
Eric Fogo

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Counsel
Jarl “Jay” D. Linden, P.E., Technical/Operations Support Manager
Sonia R. Zoeller, Finance Director
Philip E. Wagoner, Wastewater Operations Manager
Teresa L. Herzog, Board Secretary

1.      The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum. 

2.      ANNOUNCEMENTS – Mr. Ray announced that Ms. Crampton was absent today and would also miss the second meeting in September due to a surgery.

3.      SERVICE AWARDS – Chair Meals presented a 15-year service award to Water Plant Operator “C” Dewey Futch and a 5-year service award to Distribution Workman I Lope “Louie” Balan with congratulations and thanks.

4.      PUBLIC INPUT – None

5.      CONSENT SECTION – Chair Meals called for comments, objections and/or corrections to the consent section, hearing none,

Mr. Samuels moved, “to accept the Consent Section as presented,” seconded by Mr. Fogo.


         a. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the dated August 2, 2012                12-09-06 CS A
b. Attorney’s Invoice dated August 31, 2012                                     12-09-06 CS B


6.      ACTION ITEM                                                                                     
a. General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Renewal – Key Agency; Vickie Chism and Tom Dignam – a renewal quote was distributed and reviewed. Ms. Chism explained, with the exception of worker’s compensation, the policy for last year was for a 9 month time period and the new  policy was for a full year, justifying the increase in premium. There were no changes in coverage or deductible from last year.

Before the motion and vote were made, Attorney Berntsson explained that because Mr. Fogo had a conflict of interest he would abstain from voting on the issue, and a form would be submitted by Mr. Fogo to be included in the official meeting minutes.

Mr. Samuels moved, to accept the District’s General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Renewal in the amount of $335,868.00 for FY2013. Funds to come from Water and Wastewater revenues,” seconded by Ms. Wright.

Passed 3/0 (Mr. Fogo)                                                                                           12-09-06 A   
b. WRF Biosolids Management Contract- Mr. Ray introduced the item. The contract was reviewed by District Counsel and Wastewater Operations Manager Phil Wagoner. To secure a lower price, a 20 year contract was requested. Currently, the contract is with Waste Management and the biosolids are being hauled to the landfill in Okeechobee, with the Charlotte County Bio-Recycling Center, LLC contract the biosolids would be hauled to Punta Gorda and composted. In the future, District staff would have the option to haul the biosolids to the compost facility, resulting in additional savings.

Lengthy Board discussion ensued to include the cost of tipping fees, the environmental impact of using the landfill vs. composting and the length of the contract.

Ms. Wright moved, “to authorize the Chair to sign and the Secretary to Witness the BIOSOLIDS MANAGEMENT CONTRACT.”  Mr. Fogo requested the motion be amended to include “as written as twenty years,” seconded, as amended, by Mr. Fogo.

Passed 3/1 (Mr. Samuels)                                                                                     12-09-06 B
Mr. Samuels added that he was in favor of doing this; it was the length of the contract that concerned him.

         c. WRF Bioscrubber Proposal Award- Mr. Linden reviewed the item, explaining that there would be a savings to the District by doing a direct purchase of the Bioscrubber, he also noted that the low bidder forgot to fill out a form and per Attorney Berntsson, the Board had the right to waive any informalities and irregularities in the bid opening. He added that a transfer of funds from FY13 to FY12 would be necessary to make the purchase. Total funds for the project would remain the same.

Ms. Wright moved, “(1) to authorize the additional amount of $146,167.00 to the FY 12 CIP WRF Odor Control Master Plan Budget CIP # 625038-440-250. Project costs to be taken from Wastewater CCC. (2) To authorize the deduction of $146,167.00 from FY 13 WRF Odor Control Master Plan Budget CIP #625038-440-250.  Project costs to be taken from Wastewater CCC.  (3) To authorize the Chair to sign and the Secretary to the Board to attest the contract documents between EWD and BioAir Solutions for the WRF 2,000 CFM Bioscrubber purchase in the amount of $146,167.00 as stipulated in the proposal dated August 8, 2012.  Project costs to be taken from Wastewater CCC,” Attorney Berntsson added the motion to include “waiving the irregularity in the proposal.” seconded by Mr. Samuels.
Unanimous                                                                                                              12-09-06 C

7.      DISCUSSION ITEM – None

8.      ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT – Michael J. Ray

1. Lab Director – Karen Ernst
i.) Department of Health inspections will begin October 22nd and certification samples will take place October, November and December. This is a busy time of the year in the Lab.

Mr. Wagoner continued with his report,
1. Working on the deep injection well permit and the supplemental reuse project.
2. Reviewing drawings for the Odor Control Plans for construction.

b.  TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Jarl ‘Jay’ D. Linden, PE – Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with updates.
1. ASR Supplemental Reclaimed Water Source – the draft water use permit has been received, reviewed and approved.
2. RO WTP Injection Well IW-1 Interim Mechanical Integrity Test – the draft MIT report was received from Atkins September 5th for review and comments.
3. HV Injection Well IW-2 Operation Repermitting Application – there were no public comments on the Notice of Intent that was published August 14th.  
4. Dearborn Street Drainage Project – the project was passed at the Sarasota County Board of Commissioners meeting August 29th and the notice to proceed was granted. The pre-construction meeting was attended September 4th.  Progress meetings will be held every two weeks at Buchan Airport. Construction is scheduled to begin October 4, 2012.                        
5. V9-A Vacuum Sewer and Watermain Replacement Project –the certificate of completion was submitted August 29th, DEP approval was received August 30th and the letter of availability was sent September 4th. Restoration is ongoing.
6. WRF Odor Control – the 30% plans and specs were received August 29th and have been reviewed by staff. 60% plans are expected by end of the month, 100% plans are estimated to be received by November. The project will go to bid in December and be awarded in January if scheduling goes as planned.
7. Englewood Community Redevelopment Agency – Debbie Marks from the CRA mentioned that their next possible project is acquiring grant money to sewer Morris Industrial Park; it is in the planning stage.
8. DOT/Pre-development and Engineering – there are plans to widen SR776 to six lanes from Placida Road to Spinnaker Boulevard, information has been requested.
9. V9B- discussion will be presented at the next board meeting.

         c. FINANCE DIRECTOR – Sonia R. Zoeller
1. Investment Report – showed the current value in cash and investments as $4.3M. There will be a debt service payment made October 1st for $1.2M and the V9-A balance will be due soon.

Mr. Ray concluded the Administrator’s report.

9.      ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Berntsson reported on the Morningside Drive ingress/egress easement request from the August 2, 2012 meeting. A title search was performed and an existing easement was discovered.   

10.    OLD BUSINESS– Mr. Meals thanked staff on their efforts for the Pioneer Days Parade.


12.    NEW BUSINESS –  
a. September 20th Board Meeting – Board discussion about the next meeting resulted in the decision to cancel the September 20, 2012 meeting. Attorney Berntsson added that he will not be present at the October 4th meeting and Attorney Benedict would attend in his absents.


14.    ADJOURN @ 9:18


Sydney B. Crampton, Vice-Chair