January 17, 2013 Minutes

JANUARY 17, 2013 @ 8:30 A.M.

Board of Supervisors:
Taylor Meals, Chair
Steven Samuels, Vice-Chair
Sydney B. Crampton
Phyllis Wright
Eric Fogo

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert Berntsson, District Counsel
Jarl “Jay” D. Linden, P.E., Technical/Operations Support Manager
Sonia R. Zoeller, Finance Director
Roger K. Quick, Water Operations Manager
Teresa L. Herzog, Board Secretary

1.      The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call to establish a quorum.

2.      ANNOUNCEMENTS – None

a. Expansion of Central Sewer System to the V9-B Area – Mr. Ray introduced the item giving the timeline of discussion starting with the approval of V9-A and the time frame needed to continue moving forward withV9-B. Mr. Linden continued with a brief history of the collection system and expansions done at the WRF. He then explained the anticipated schedule of construction; to begin January 2014 with a completion date of June 2014. He added that the engineer’s estimated cost of construction for the project is $2.4M. Upgraded watermain and additional fire hydrants would also be part of the project. Mr. Linden then summarized the process of documenting the condition of homeowner’s property and restoration, the location of septic tank forms, and the open house notification. Ms. Zoeller concluded the discussion by reviewing the cost per ERC ($8666.94), and terms of financing (15 years at 5% interest) with an annual payment of $834.99. She added that if customers participated in the sign up and save program, the cost would be $5,817.00 with an annual payment of $560.42. Customers would have until September 1, 2015 to pay in full or it would go to the tax roll November 2015.

Chair Meals then opened the floor to public input.

Mr. Linden stated that the questions asked would be addressed at the end of the public input portion of the meeting.

4.      PUBLIC INPUT –                                                                               
a. Raymond Chester, 2570 Lemon Avenue  (473-0076)  read the e-mail (attached) from Ken Kleinlein, President of the Intracostal Civic Association to be entered into the minutes of this meeting and then asked does Englewood Water District supply Manasota Beach?

         b. James Hunter, 1716, Fessler Street (440-597-7117) I’m a retired consulting engineer in Marietta, very familiar with this type of action. I have questions about the letter. The letter was not complete enough; costs to home owners are one thing, but you left out the tremendous cost to do the hook up. There’s also a cost to fill in the septic tanks, my best estimate on that is $8,000 to $10,000 and there is no easy pay financing plan so I’ll have to shell out $10,000 immediately to hook up to the system. You didn’t address that issue; the letter was misleading because you did not address that and you are not fair to us. What we basically have is the board has a service that you want to sell to us; we have to buy the service then pay you for the monthly use of it.  It’s sort of a backward way of marketing a product. I realize you have the right of eminent domain and that you can put the line in our property. I’m not sure all of us want to participate in it.
c. Kimberly Shortt, 1717 Fessler Street (270-0369) I am 100% for the sewer expansion project. I have family that also lives in V9-B that couldn’t make it today that is also 100% for the sewer expansion project.  I live on Fessler Street in a house that’s been remodeled, but the house is 50 years old, essentially with a septic that’s 50 years old. Along with many other houses on that street, the systems are failing.  Rather or not people realize it because their toilets are flushing and the house isn’t backing up doesn’t necessary mean the septic is fully functioning. I’m sure if a licensed septic installer came out and looked at the majority of the tanks in that area, they would be cracked, leaching into the ground, or not functioning as they should be. I think the sewer expansion project is detrimental to the health of Lemon Bay just because of the proximity of the tanks to the bay. As far as the fees and everything else, I think the letter was well written. I’m very familiar with the project that has since been completed in V9-A. I also have family that lives in V9-A, no one had to pay more than $1,000 to get tied in and they were all extremely happy and I hope this passes too.

         d. Linda Martell, 1725 Hudson Street  (474-7802) I have two question. Might this project be finished before June 2014 and does the board or will the board have a list of approved contractors to crush our septic tanks and hook us up?  

End of questions.

Chair Meals confirmed that the e-mail was received from Mr. Kleinlein and thanked Mr. Chester for reading it. He also read the memo that referenced a phone call from Mrs. Campbell, 1728 Gale Street (474-7979) who is unable to attend the meeting, but wanted it known that she very much wants the sewer.
Mr. Ray continued with responses,

         a. Sewer status of Manasota Beach – The entire beach from Charlotte County to the private end currently has Englewood Water. The Charlotte County portion of Manasota Key has sewer. Nothing on the Sarasota County line has sewer yet out on the Key; however it is on our master plan. It’s what’s called  alternate or “A” areas, after all the V areas are done, V9 is the last one, there’s roughly 14 alternate areas, and Manasota Key is one of those alternate areas, ultimately it will have sewer.

         b. Cost of crush and fill –   We’ve seen anywhere from $800 to $1500 for crush, fill, abandon and connection. Depending on your footage, how far your tank is back from the road, it could go on the high side.  

         c. Approved list of plumbers and early connection – We have a list of plumbers but we don’t recommend any one plumber. There is a list of available licensed plumbers.  Early connection isn’t anticipated before June of 2014.

Mr. Chester again spoke. The road we live on is dirt; we maintain the road, the county doesn’t. The property lines probably are not real clean and concise, lots of trees. Where are the lift stations going on Lemon Avenue and what about the trees? Mr. Ray responded that we don’t have the exact details of this project, but we try to go around things where we can, do directional drills and having as minimal impact as possible, then the restoration. Mr. Linden added that there are no lift stations in this project; a vacuum station is already there near Polynesian Village built to service V8 and V9. The only thing going in is pipes in the ground and occasionally green vents to let air into the system.  We try to do as much directional drilling as possible but there will be trees and bushes removed. As per the contract, the shell roads will be restored. Should any problems arise, we will have a 1 year warranty from the contractor. Engineer Jonathan Cole of Giffels Webster Engineers then spoke, recommending Mr. Chester look at the work done on Lemon Avenue in the V9-A area to get an idea of how the project will go. The contractor will try not to remove the trees. Mr. Ray added that the only thing that can be seen above ground is a vent every 3-4 houses per pit in the ROW; we try to hide them as much as possible.

At the conclusion of the public input portion of the meeting Chair Meals presented the following options to the Board; 1. Digest and contemplate the input and come back at the next scheduled meeting with a decision. 2. Make a decision to proceed, directing staff to move forward. 3. Direct staff to do nothing.

Chris Crusyman, 1718 Fessler Street spoke up from the audience asking if the next meeting could be scheduled during non-working hours so all could be there.

Long discussion ensued; each board member expressed their opinion. At the conclusion of the discussion, Chair Meals called for a motion.

 Mr. Fogo moved, “for Englewood Water District to continue with this plan since 1995 to complete the V9 project that is posted clearly on this, that we follow the schedule as previously planned,” seconded by Mr. Samuels.

Passed 4/1 (Crampton)                                                                              13-01-17A

Liz Chester spoke up from the audience asking if the April open houses would be held in the evening. Mr. Linden responded that yes, one of the two meetings will be from 5 pm to 7 pm.

10 Minute Recess 8:59 resumed 9:08

5.      CONSENT SECTION – Chair Meals called for additions, deletions and/or comments to the consent section,
Ms. Crampton added that the schedule of events needs to be changed back to the board room.

Mr. Samuels moved, “to accept the consent section as presented,” seconded by Mr. Fogo.


       a. Ratification of Elected Officers and 2013 Board of Supervisors Meeting
Schedule                                                                                          13-01-17 CS A   
b. Minutes of the Regular Meeting dated December 6, 2012     13-01-17 CS B
c. Attorney’s Invoice dated December 17, 2012                            13-01-17 CS C

a. WRF Odor Control GWE Task Order Amendment – Mr. Linden introduced the item explaining the need for three separate task orders and the difficulty of bidding such an unusual project. This amendment is requested for Giffels Webster Engineers to provide construction engineering and inspection of the project which was not included in the original task order scope.

Mr. Fogo moved, “1. To authorize the Administrator to sign Amendment No. 3 to the GWE-12-001 Task Order for the EWD’s Water Reclamation Facility Odor Control Improvement Project. Project costs to be taken from Wastewater CCC,” s