JUNE 6, 2013 @ 8:30 A.M.


Board of Supervisors:         Staff:
Taylor Meals, Chair                 Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Steven Samuels, Vice-Chair  Robert Berntsson, District Counsel
Sydney B. Crampton               Jarl “Jay” D. Linden, P.E. Technical/Operations Support Manager
Phyllis Wright (absent)           Sonia R. Zoeller, Finance Director (absent)  
Eric Fogo                                 Philip E. Wagoner, Wastewater Operations Manager
Teresa L. Herzog, Board Secretary


1.      The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call to establish a quorum.

2.      ANNOUNCEMENTS – None

3.      SERVICE AWARD – With expression of gratitude, Chair Meals presented Laboratory Director Karen Ernst with a 25-year service award.  

4.      PUBLIC INPUT – None

5.      CONSENT SECTION – Chair Meals called for additions, corrections and/or deletions to the consent section. Chair Meals requested item 8, Administrator’s report under Mr. Quick’s report, change “ they are impressed with our plans for expansion in the future”  to read  “the plans previously implemented for expansion,” and item 13, Board Member Comments, change the word meeting to meet.

Mr. Fogo moved “to accept the consent agenda as corrected,” seconded by Ms. Crampton.


         a. Minutes of the Regular Meeting dated May 2, 2013                13-06-06 CS A
b. Attorney’s Invoice dated May 17, 2013                                       13-06-06 CS B

a. Bocilla Utilities Inc. Bulk Water Agreement – Mr. Linden introduced the item. The Bulk Water Agreement, written by our Attorney, is the same agreement used with Japanese Gardens. Englewood Water District will not be responsible for design, permitting or construction of Bocilla Utilities’ water system; EWD’s only responsibility will be reading the meter and billing them. Upon conclusion of board discussion, a motion was made. 

Mr. Samuels moved, to authorize the Chair to sign and the Secretary to the Board attest the Bulk Water Agreement for Bocilla Utilities Inc. to connect to the District’s water distribution system,”  seconded by Mr. Fogo. 

Unanimous                                                                                                    13-06-06 A    

  Mr. Noden, President of Bocilla Utilities Inc. was in the audience. He thanked the Board for their decision and added that the estimated date to connect to EWD is the end of the year.                                 

7.      DISCUSSION ITEM – None

8.      ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT –Mr. Ray began his report by stating that Ms. Zoeller was absent because of a delayed flight returning from an investment seminar in California.

         a. WASTEWATER OPERATIONS MANAGER – Philip E. Wagoner
1. Odor Control Project – is progressing as scheduled.  The headworks have been by-passed, tanks are being cleaned and the new odor scrubber and panel have been set.

Change in agenda order, Customer Service Manager Susan Franklin proceeded with her report.
1. For the month of May customer service was very busy with turn off requests and new owner transfers. The 90 day balance is $388,000, down $6,000 over the past 2 months. Presently there are 317 outstanding accounts with liens filed.
2. In May, of the 17,164 customer accounts, 7,915 used lock box, 2,200 used on-line services, 637 were walk-ins, 500 used the night drop and 5,149 are using bank draft, automation is working.                                                                                                        
3. A more efficient procedure for processing cut-offs for non-pay has been implemented and is working.
4.  The summer task for customer service is updating the archived customer documents into one document storage system.                                                                                        

b. TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Jarl ‘Jay’ D. Linden, P.E. Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with updates.
1. ASR Water Aquifer Storage Recovery – the plans to drill the monitoring well have been submitted and approved. Awaiting the final permit to proceed.
2. WWTP Permit Application 2013 Renewal – a second RAI with one question was received from DEP on May 28.
3. Dearborn Street Drainage Project – is proceeding, the new date of completion is November 27.
4. V9-B Vacuum Sewer – all permits have been received, the process to secure the 4 needed easements has begun.
5. WRF Odor Control – when the covers were removed from the old tanks in the headworks, concrete corrosion was found. In an effort to not delay the project emergency repairs are necessary. The Enabling Act allows the Administrator to waive the formal bidding process for an emergency repair. Proposals will be obtained from contractors familiar with this sort of work. The repairs will likely exceed the Administrator’s $25,000 authority. Board discussion ensued, a motion made.

Ms. Crampton moved, “to authorize the Administrator to be able to complete this emergency repair,” seconded by Mr. Samuels.

Unanimous                                                                                                  13-06-06 B   

                     7. SR776 (6 lane) FDOT PD&E Study Project – a preliminary cost estimate of $350,000 for utility relocation was submitted to FDOT.
8. Artist Enclave – is a development of large duplexes, they have applied for the permit for their pool and clubhouse.

c. FINANCE DIRECTOR – Sonia R. Zoeller (absent)

Mr. Ray continued with his report,
1. A hand out distributed to the Board was referenced detailing the correspondence with a Park Forest reclaimed water customer.
2. The final payment of $41,000 was made to FRS for the purchase of past services initiated when we moved from a defined benefits pension. Going forward only the annual percentage, (subject to change) based on actuarial calculations will be due.

 9.     ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert Berntsson
1. Customer Service Manager Susan Franklin received a subpoena for a criminal case in Lawrenceville Georgia, she may have to appear.
2. EWD was served with a summons and complaint for a trip and fall case, the insurance company is providing defense.
3. A Charlotte County Summary Report of the 2013 Legislative Session was distributed to the Board for review.

10.    OLD BUSINESS –   Chair Meals referenced the Drop Savers Final Report and thanked the sponsors and all those who made it happen.

11.    PUBLIC COMMENT – None

12.    NEW BUSINESS – None

13.    BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS – Both Ms. Crampton and Mr. Samuels reiterated Chair Meals positive opinion on the benefits of continuing the educational Drop Savers Poster Contest.

14.    ADJOURN @ 9:30 am


Steven Samuels, Vice-Chair