May 2, 2013 Minutes

MAY 2, 2013 @ 8:30 A.M.


Board of Supervisors:         Staff:
Taylor Meals, Chair                 Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Steven Samuels, Vice-Chair  Robert Berntsson, District Counsel
Sydney B. Crampton               Jarl “Jay” D. Linden, P.E., Technical/Operations Support Manager
Phyllis Wright                           Sonia R. Zoeller, Finance Director
Eric Fogo                                 Roger K. Quick, Water Operations Manager
Teresa L. Herzog, Board Secretary

1.      The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call to establish a quorum.

2.      ANNOUNCEMENTS – None

3.      SERVICE AWARD – With thanks and appreciation, Chair Meals presented Collections Workman II, Mark Morris with a 5 year service award.  

4.      PUBLIC INPUT – None

5.      CONSENT SECTION – Chair Meals called for additions, corrections and/or deletions to the consent section. Hearing none,

Mr. Fogo moved, “to approve,” seconded by Ms. Crampton.


a. Minutes of the Regular Meeting dated April 4, 2013                13-05-02 CS A
b. Attorney’s Invoice dated April 17, 2013                                      13-05-02 CS B

a. Eminent Domain Resolution – Mr. Linden introduced the item. He explained that a resolution is the legal procedure in obtaining easements if negotiations fail. Four easements are needed; one parcel is in Sign & Save so only three are listed in the resolution for V-9B.

Mr. Samuels moved, “to authorize Counsel and Staff to proceed in obtaining the necessary easements pursuant to the attached Eminent Domain Resolution,” seconded by Ms. Wright.

Upon District Counsel recommendation, motion was corrected to read, “(1) to authorize Counsel and Staff to proceed in obtaining the necessary easements pursuant to the attached Eminent Domain Resolution and (2) to approve the resolution that’s attached.”

Unanimous                                                                                                  13-05-02 A

a. Mid-year Budget Review – Mr. Ray summarized the budget review packet. He stated that mid-year revenues are a little higher than anticipated and expenditures are right in line. Another budget adjustment is not anticipated, but the timing of the proposed monitor well is still an unknown. Ms. Zoeller added that after 10 years, the final payment was made to FRS for the purchase of past services initiated when we moved from a defined benefit pension to FRS. Mr. Linden then reviewed the CIP budget.  He explained that V9-A came in under budget and added that V9-B, the Winchester South Project and the Odor Control Project are still up coming.

8.      ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT – Michael J. Ray
1. LAB DIRECTOR – Karen Ernst
a. Ms. Ernst began her report by expressing her extreme pleasure with both her new lab technicians. She then explained the Preliminary Limits for Study WP-218 handout (attached) distributed to the Board. To maintain laboratory certification, the lab is sent “blind samples” to be analyzed by lab personal. A portion of the last sample submitted was tested by the newest lab technician and passed with no issues.

Mr. Quick continued with his report,
1. Usage averages have dropped to 2.6-2.7 MGD.
2. Spoke to the Southwest Sarasota County Alliance of Homeowners last month; they were impressed with our plans for expansion in the future.
Corrected to read, “The plans previously implemented for expansion.” Resolution 13-06-06 CSA
3. Attended a tour and the water tasting contest at the new RO Plant in North Port. Peace River won again.
4. Distribution is working on 11th Street installing 6” mains and hydrants; they are also working on Old Englewood Road installing new valves.

         b.  TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Jarl ‘Jay’ D. Linden, P.E. Mr. Linden reviewed his written status report with updates.
1. Reclaimed Water Aquifer Storage Recovery – an additional monitoring well will be required by DEP. A task order has been assigned to Mark McNeal of ASRus to complete the permit and negotiate with well contractors to install the well, timing is still unknown.
2. WWTP Permit Application 2013 Renewal – a request for additional information was received for 11 items, the response was sent.
3. Dearborn Street Drainage Project – the completion date has been moved to November 20. Our portion of the project is wrapping up.
4. V9-B Vacuum Sewer – the mandatory pre-bid meeting will be June 11, the bid opening will be held August 6, and contract award will be held the first board meeting in October with a project start date of November 2013.
5. SR 776 San Casa-Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Project – the project is complete. 
6. Boca Royale and Arlington Cove – the capital capacity fees of $62,686.80 for each development has been received.
7. Paul Morris Industrial Park – an updated design and cost estimate of $2.5M has been submitted to the CRA.
8. Bocilla Utilities, Inc. – after 2 meetings with Craig Noden of Bocilla Utilities a finalized Bulk Water Agreement has been sent. The meter and backflow will be installed near Buck Creek; they anticipate hooking up by the end of the year.
9. Cistern Guidelines – The FDOH will now allow septic tanks to be used as cisterns. The guidelines will be included with the letter of availability to customers in the V9-B sewer area.

Ms. Herzog asked for board member volunteers to present the Drop Saver awards and reminded everyone that the Annual Picnic will be held May 18.

         c.  FINANCE DIRECTOR – Sonia R. Zoeller- None

Mr. Ray concluded the administrator’s report.

9.      ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert Berntsson – None

10.    OLD BUSINESS – None

11.    PUBLIC COMMENT – None

12.    NEW BUSINESS – None

a. Chair Meals recommended inviting Sarasota County Commissioner Charles Hines and Charlotte County Commissioner Bill Truex to meeting with staff since they are our representatives. An invitation will be extended.  Corrected typo, meet instead of meeting. Resolution 13-06-06 CSA
b. Mr. Ray inquired if EWD should participate in the Pioneer Days Parade again this year? Board consensus was yes.

14.    ADJOURN @ 9:10

Steven Samuels, Vice-Chair                                                                                 /tlh