MAY 5, 2011 @ 8:30 A.M.

Board of Supervisors:
Steve Samuels, Chair
Taylor Meals, Vice-Chair
Sydney Crampton
Phyllis Wright
Paul Manke

Michael J. Ray, Administrator
Robert H. Berntsson, District Counsel
Teresa L. Herzog, Administrative Assistant


2.      ANNOUNCEMENTS –The Attorney’s Invoice dated May 2, 2011 was added to the consent section.

3.      PUBLIC INPUT – None

4.      CONSENT SECTION - Chair Samuels asked for comments, objections and/or corrections to the consent section. Mr. Meals asked the reason the Attorney’s invoice cannot be received ahead of time? Attorney Berntsson replied that under his contract he bills on a monthly cycle, because the bill is sent the beginning of the month and the timing of the Board meetings, it is remitted too late to be added to the Board packet. Mr. Ray added that handling it this way prevents Attorney Berntsson from waiting for payment.  

Mr. Meals moved, “To approve the consent section.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

a.         Minutes of the Regular Meeting dated April 21, 2011      11-05-05 CS A
b.         Attorney’s Invoice dated May 2, 2011                                 11-05-05 CS B

a.         Investment Policy Amendment – Ms. Zoeller presented the item. Our investment policy always read limits on individual issuers, CDs used to be a maximum of $100,000, about 1 ½ years ago the federal government changed the maximum to $250,000. Changing the policy to read “allowed by FDIC” instead of a dollar amount will prevent having to make changes in the future to the policy should the dollar amount change again.

Mr. Meals moved, “To approve the revised Investment Policy as presented.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-05-05 A

         b.         Administrative Policies & Procedures Amendment – Ms. Zoeller introduced the item. Following the Auditors recommendation line 8 was added to the Administrative Policies & Procedures under the heading of Board of Supervisors to read: Shall authorize the opening and closing of District bank and investment accounts. Mr. Ray added investment or bank changes would be brought to the Board for approval.

Mr. Meal moved, “To approve the revised Administrative Policies & Procedures as presented.” Seconded by Manke

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-05-05 B

         c.         Sarasota County Sidewalk Project Phase 2 – Mr. Linden introduced the item. Sarasota County used the one cent sales tax and a grant to fund Phase 1 of the project. We moved the effected utilities in-house. Phase 2 is much larger with six miles of sidewalk to be installed. A JPA was done with Sarasota County.

Mr. Meals moved, “(1.) To authorize the new CIP Budget amount of $250,000.00 to the FY 11 CIP Budget.   Project costs to be taken from Water and Sewer Revenue and (2.) To authorize the Administrator to sign Task Order #DMK-11-001 to the General Service Agreement with DMK to provide engineering services for the relocation of EWD water & sewer mains as part of the Sarasota County Englewood Sidewalk Phase 2 Project. In the amount of $42,920.00 as specified in the Scope of Services received April 13, 2011.Seconded by Ms. Wright

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-05-05 C

6.      DISCUSSION ITEM - None

7.      ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT – Michael J. Ray
a. WATER OPERATIONS – Roger K. Quick
1.  We are currently putting out 2.6 MGD, season is pretty much over. Cleaning and maintenance on the treater will begin.
2.  The second set of major sampling is coming up as well as lead and copper testing.
3.  Distribution - working on putting together the maps to add loops and hydrants to the system, this cuts down on flushing and helps maintain the chlorine levels.  Valve and Hydrant maintenance as well as meter replacement are ongoing projects.
b. TECHNICAL/OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER – Jarl ‘Jay’ D. Linden, PE Mr. Linden reviewed his written report with updates.
1. Annual Operating Report DIW #1 and DIW #2 – sent back the comments to Adkins for finalization of the report, which is due to DEP by June.
2.  V9-A Vacuum Sewer and Watermain Replacement Project – we are well into the 90% plans and finalizing the easement list to proceed with the legal process of obtaining easements. Working on minor plan changes and submittal to Sarasota County for permitting is in the works.
3.  WRF Odor Control – a meeting with DEP is scheduled for May17th to discuss odor control issues.
4.   Certification of Auto-Analyzer – the state will be here next week for the certification.
5.  Consumer Confidence Report – has been sent to DEP for finalization and will be included in the June bills instead of a separate mailing as a money saving effort. The due date is July 1.
6.  AirVac Pit-bottom Replacement - Mr. Meals inquired about an update on the pit-bottom failure. Mr. Ray explained that what they have done so far does not seem like a true fix. Nothing has been resolved. Mr. Linden added that AirVac will provide the pits for the V9A sewer project; it may provide some leverage in getting resolution.

         c. FINANCE DIRECTOR – Sonia Zoeller
1.  Mid-year budget review packet – the packet was distributed during the meeting for review at the May 19, 2011 meeting.  
2.  Financial Software- three quotes have been received. SAP Business One looks like the best choice, but is over the $25,000 Administrator’s signing authority. We are going to wait on the financial software and go out to an advertised bid in August.  Paymate the payroll and HR software will be purchased.

Mr. Ray concluded the Administrators report with an announcement that the Water Summit at the Hyatt Regency in Sarasota will take place June 1st, asking the Board if anyone would like to attend.  Mr. Samuels responded that he would be unable to attend; the remaining Board Members replied they would check their schedules and let him know.

8.      ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Robert H. Berntsson
1.  Roll’s Cove Purchase Agreement – the agreement has been sent and recorded in public records, it has been resolved. The remaining five agreements have been reviewed, with various conclusions. Water’s Edge will never fulfill the agreement and will be closed out. Morris Industrial Park is a long ways from completion of the agreement and will remain on the books. Englewood Farm Acres, Palm Lake Estates and Pine Glenn West agreements can be settled and reimbursed upon signature of termination of purchase agreements. Discussion ensued and a motion made. 

Mr. Meals moved, “to authorize the Administrator to execute appropriate documents on behalf of the Board, to resolve the contracts.” Seconded by Mr. Manke

Unanimous                                                                                                  11-05-05 D

9.      OLD BUSINESS - none

10.    PUBLIC COMMENT – none

11.    NEW BUSINESS – Mr. Meals expressed concern over the effect the Fire District’s new fees could have, EWD should be prepared for the addition expense and impact it will have on the budget.

12.    BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS – Mr. Meals commented on the changes to Senate Bill 882, the restructuring of SWFWMD.

13.    ADJOURNED @ 9:16



Taylor Meals