The following steps must be completed prior to the first time you can view your online account information.

You must have your most recent Blue/White EWD statement in hand to set up your online account.

Under “Online Services” tab – select “CREATE ACCOUNT”

From the left tool bar – select –  “Create Password”

The “Account ID”  is your Account Number as listed in the upper right corner of your statement.
The account number must be entered exactly as shown on the bill statement.

You must have the cycle informationfrom your billing statement.   Click “Submit“

Welcome to our Online Customer Support.
You need to complete:  Input Password/Pin, Verify Password/Pin,  Password/Pin Hint , E-mail and Verify your E-mail Address;  Click “Submit”.

You will see a Thank you page; Click “Exit”.

Online Support  needs to check that you have entered a valid email address.  You will need to go to your
personal  e-mail account.  Open the e-mail  “do not reply”.   This email has a hyper link that you need to  click on in this e-mail.   This will return you back to EWD Online Services.  The screen will show you that your online  account has been enabled.  Your account number/ID  and Password/Pin should be populated ; Click “Submit” to sign on.

If you did not receive and e-mail, check your Junk Mail or Spam.   Some e-mail providers  will send   “do not reply” as junk mail.