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Employment:  Backflow Prevention Coordinator

Assistance paying utility bills may be available. Sarasota County residents can view information on the Emergency Rental Assistance Program here.

Charlotte County residents can view information on the Fastrack Program here.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve and business-as-usual is disrupted, Englewood Water District will continue to provide safe, affordable, and reliable water and sewer services to our customers.  EWD is closely following the news related to COVID-19.  To help slow the spread of the coronavirus please make use of our online forms and services on our website at englewoodwater.com.  Customer Service representatives can still be reached by phone at 941-474-3217 or by email at info@ewdfl.com.  Also, if payments or forms need to be dropped off in person, please use the drop box located at 201 Selma Ave. It will be checked several times a day.  The lobby is open with limited access during normal business hours for essential services that cannot be completed online or over the phone. Thank you for your understanding during these times.

Reminder —  Please do not flush items down toilets that do not belong there.  Items such as Paper Towels, Wipes (such as Baby Wipes, Disinfecting Wipes, etc..) and Cloth Rags can cause problems for sewer collection systems.  These items can also cause blockages in a households own sewer pipes, which could cause sewer to back up into peoples homes.  Items such as these should be discarded in the trash.  Wastewater that comes from flushing should only contain water, human waste and toilet paper.

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    Englewood Water District (Englewood, FL)

    The District encompasses approximately 44.5 square miles in Southern Sarasota County and Western Charlotte County. There are four (4) fresh water and two (2) brackish water wellfields. This raw water is treated at either the lime softening treatment plant or the reverse osmosis treatment plant. The finished waters are mixed and sent into the distribution system.

    The District also operates a 3.0 MGD Water Reclamation Facility to take care of the sanitary sewer needs of the area. As of January 2019 87% of all water customers also receive sewer service.

    In 2020 customers within the Englewood Water District service area used an estimated 79 gallons per capita per day (gpcd).  To see how your water usage stacks up please visit SWFWMD Water Use Calculator.