Reading the meter


For single-family residential properties, the water meter is normally located towards the front of your property, at or close to the side lot line.  It should be kept clear of bushes, and if in the driveway, not blocked by vehicles.  If you have pets, they should be kept well-away from the area, to protect both the meter reader, and your pet.

For multi-family or commercial properties, the water meter(s) may be located in a group, in an accessible common area.  They should be kept clear of bushes, if in a driveway or parking area, not blocked by vehicles, and not within a fenced area.

The meter is read monthly, on approximately the same day each month.  Water usage is recorded by reading the meter dials, or in some cases, read electronically through the use of remote-reading devices. The dials are read from left to right; with the final zero (0) being stationary.

The flow finder can help you determine if there is a leak.  When you are sure no water is being used, watch the flow finder; it should not move.  If it does, there are several things you can try.  Read: How to Check for a Leak.