Q: Will I still have a bill if the meter is turned off?
Yes, there will be a base facility charge each month. Currently water base charges are $20.14 ERC/Month and sewer base charges are $29.31 ERC/Month. The base charges are for the fixed costs associated with having water and sewer services available to a property.

Q: Will I still have a bill if the house is destroyed?
Yes, there will be a base facility charge each month. Paying the monthly base charges ensures that you will NOT be charged additional capital capacity fees when you are ready to rebuild. (Currently the typical capital capacity fee for a single-family home is $14,401.) Each parcel does receive credit for any capital capacity fees already paid but this amount varies widely from parcel to parcel. Generally, parcels with service for the longest time have paid the least amount in capital capacity charges.

Q: I’m not interested in rebuilding. How do I stop the base charges?
Submit a copy of demolition permit and state issued photo ID. Sign the Meter Removal request form that details the credits for Capital Capacity charges at the property. The sewer line will then be capped, and the water meter removed. A final bill will be produced after all work is done at the property.
When subsequent application for service to the same parcel is received, the current Capital Capacity Charges for service will be due, less the amount previously credited to the property.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay the base facility charges each month?
After one hundred twenty (120) days of non-payment from the billing date, a Notice of Lien will be filed on the property. In addition to delinquent amounts, all associated fees must all be paid in full before service is restored.

Q: Is there a bill adjustment for the period when service was interrupted or operating at a reduced capacity?
We have an adjustment process for bills when there was higher than normal consumption. There is not an adjustment for bills that are in a normal range.

Q: I had a leak caused by the hurricane, am I responsible for all the water usage?
Yes, the owner of the property is responsible for all the water that went through the meter. A bill adjustment process is available that may reduce high water bills if it meets our requirements. Complete requirements are available in the Customer Rules & Regulations.

Q: How do I apply for a bill adjustment?
Submit a completed Bill Adjustment Request form. Forms are available online or at the office. Completed forms can be dropped off, mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Q: A sewer back up damaged my house. Does EWD cover the cost of repairs?
Englewood Water District (District) cannot assume financial responsibility for damages resulting from sewage backups, since most stoppages are related to conditions that are beyond the District’s control. Please contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier to inquire about sewer backup coverage.

Q: My home was damaged or destroyed and EWD has capped off my sewer line. Why did EWD cap the sewer?
Broken sewer lines and missing clean out caps have the potential to allow infiltration of rainwater and debris into the sewer system. This infiltration can cause major damage to District owned sewer lines and equipment. Cutting and capping the sewer line helps prevent additional damage to our sewer system.

Q: How do I re-connect if my sewer line has been capped?
Please contact the county for permit requirements. A copy of the permit may be required when you are ready to reconnect. After making any necessary repairs at the property please have your plumber schedule a tie-in Inspection with EWD. Tie-in appointments will be no more than 30 minutes in length and must be scheduled at least 48 business hours in advance. Appointments can be made by calling 941-474-3217.