The department consists of 7 Workmen positions and 1 Foreman. In addition to work vehicles, the department maintains a forklift, a dump truck, two tractors, a backhoe and a trencher. All equipment is transported using one of the departments 2 trailers.

The distribution system consists of 257.7 miles of potable water lines servicing business, institutional and residential customers. There are 2,936 valves, 1005 fire hydrants and over 17,279 water meters installed. Meters range in size from the most common 5/8” residential service, to one 6” meter. Valves are ‘exercised’ on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly, and can be turned off quickly in the event of a line break. Fire hydrants are also checked regularly to determine that they are ready to provide large quantities of water to the fire department when needed. A painting program is also part of the department’s regular work.

The District is constantly upgrading and replacing old piping. During FY ’12 several dead-ends have been ‘looped’ to provide better flow and service. Additionally, several fire hydrants were also added in these areas.