Collections System


This department consists of 9 workmen, and a foreman. They are responsible for the maintenance and operation of approximately 238.7 miles of sewer gravity lines and force mains ranging in size from two (2”) to twenty-four (24”) inches in diameter, and 79 lift-stations that take wastewater from individual residences and businesses via local area collection lines to the water reclamation facility. The gravity system includes approximately 900 manholes for maintenance and operational access. The collections department maintains 5 service vehicles, 3 boom/crane trucks, 2 vacuum/pumper trucks, 1 dump truck and a 6,700 gallon tanker truck.

Nine Vacuum Collection areas have been constructed and comprise 116.5 miles of vacuum collection lines ranging in size from three (3”) to ten (10”) inches in diameter, approximately 66.1 miles of gravity service mains, and 22 miles of force mains. A series of 2,653 valve pits transmit sewage to 7 vacuum stations, 13 low-ressure stations and 1 vacuum booster station.

These 870 square foot buildings contain the mechanicals necessary to maintain a constant vacuum within the area. Four collection pods that can be isolated in times of low-vacuum readings bring sewage to a 4,200 gallon collection tank, and subsequently via the force main system to the treatment plant.


A master plan to provide sanitary sewer service throughout the EWD was conceived in 1988 and was last updated in February 2003.

Of the original nine vacuum collection system areas, eight are complete, together with a portion of the V-9 area designated as V-9 A-1 from the Keyway Vacuum Station along Heasley Street, and to the Manasota Gardens Condominiums. The remainder of the area has been designated as V-9A North Englewood and will be completed as funds permit.

Other projects are underway that are directly related to the expansion of the collection system.

Treatment Plant Expansion – to accommodate the increased customer base, the treatment plant was expanded to a capacity of 3.0 million gallons per day. A second expansion to 4.5 MGD is in the design phase.

Inflow & Infiltration – older collection systems are sometimes constructed of porous material which allows ground and rainwater into the system. During rainy season valuable treatment capacity is wasted in treating rainwater. This multi-phased project will reduce and ultimately eliminate this problem.

Reclaimed Water System – increased customers and capacity require an increase in the ability to dispose of the reclaimed water. Several projects are involved:

Aquifer Storage & Recovery – a deep injection well has been constructed to accept treated effluent for retrieval during the dry season. Testing was satisfactory and an operating permit has been applied for. A total of 653 million gallons was in storage as of August 16, 2007. Approximately 41 MG was withdrawn and delivered to reclaimed water customers during the ’06 – ’07 dry season.

Reclaimed Main Extensions – lines have been extended to Boca Royale Golf Club, the Stillwater Subdivision, and an extension to Lemon Bay High School will commence shortly. Each of these projects is being partially funded by Southwest Florida Water Management District. At the same time the primary transmission main is being upgraded from 8” to 16” pipe.

Reclaimed Water Pump Station – the pump station located off S. River Road has been upgraded to accommodate additional flow.