Agendas are distributed 6 days prior to each meeting.

If you have questions, or need more information, please contact the Board Secretary.
Unless otherwise noted all meetings commence at 8:30am in the 201 Selma Avenue Boardroom.

Meeting Date Agenda Type Comments Approved Minutes
January 17, 2019 Annual & Organizational Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2019 Regular Minutes
March 7, 2019 Regular Minutes
April 4, 2019 Regular Englewood Water District – 2018 Financial Statements

Englewood Water District – 2018 Governance Communication

May 2, 2019 Regular Minutes
June 6, 2019 Regular Please note: action item 6b. RO Degasifier Maintenance is included in the agenda items but is still active on the purchasing website as a notice of intent to award single source procurement until June 4th. If any response to this notice is received it will be pulled from the agenda. Minutes
July 11, 2019 Regular Proposed Budget FY 2020 Minutes
August 1, 2019 Regular Minutes
September 5, 2019 Regular Minutes
October 3, 2019 Regular Minutes
November 7, 2019 Regular Minutes
December 5, 2019 Regular Minutes
January 9, 2020 Annual & Organizational Meeting